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10 Important Lessons Mr. Bean Taught Us

One of the few series that has always interested me is Mr. Bean. I admired this series so much that I started mimicking him and took utmost pride in it. Though Rowan Atkinson’s character rarely spoke, the content was impactful. Those who have watched Mr. Bean would agree, it is a masterpiece that will never age. In fact, it shows how good content, humor, and acting skills can outrival nationality, gender, and generations. But if you look closely, you’ll realize, that the recluse also gave us some lifelong lessons. 

Whether it is the original or the animated one, the series has ruled our hearts and given us important lessons. Here are some of the lessons I personally learned from Mr. Bean. 

1. Happiness Is Indeed A Choice

In an episode, Mr. Bean writes Christmas postcards to himself as he thinks no one would write to him. He even bought himself a pair of socks as a Christmas gift and was delighted to have them. The man always seemed to be happy. If not, he would find a way to make himself content. He lived on his term and ensured he was happy in every situation without caring about what people thought. Through his silly acts, he taught us that happiness is a choice. It is you who needs to decide whether you want to be happy or sad for being who you are. 

So without expecting happiness to come to you, create it for yourself. 

2. Be Yourself, No Matter What

One of the important lessons that Mr. Bean taught me is to be who I am. Instead of trying to be someone else, I have learned to be myself and take pride in it. He might be an idiot all the time, yet he is the most confident one in the room. His weird presence of mind and self-esteem have always encouraged me to embrace my flaws. 

If you think people consider you stupid and will make fun of you, please watch Mr. Bean right now. You will always find people who adore you and want to be around you.

3. Friendship Can At Times Be In An Unlikely Form

If you have watched the series, you’ll admit Mr. Bean has no other friend but Teddy, the brown stuffed toy. The inanimate object even after undergoing destruction and disfiguration, remains Mr. Bean’s lifelong friend. It is amusing to see the affinity Mr. Bean has for Teddy. He reads him stories, serves him breakfast, and saves him a seat in the front seat of his car. 

In fact, he wouldn’t trade Teddy for any worldly pleasure and luxury. For him, Teddy is precious. The duo proves friendship can be odd at times but if it’s true, it doesn’t need validation. A true friendship is when you stick together and be there for each other, every time.

4. Talk Less And Act More

You may find Mr. Bean mumbling incoherently, he rarely speaks in the series. His facial expressions and body language are enough to express himself. Rowan Atkinson beautifully showed how one could make an impact by holding the tongue. This is indeed a life lesson, we all need to incorporate into our lives. Speak less and do more. 

5. Always Love And Pamper Your Inner Child

Mr. Bean is childish and silly yet he never stops pampering the inner child in him. He knows he is not behaving like adults do, still he loves being childish. Responsibilities and time may make you forget the inner child in you but you need to keep it alive. Take out those sketch pens and show your artistic side or lick the popsicle you always loved. You will realize that being childish is so much fun and rejoicing.

6. You Don’t Need Someone To Cheer You Up

It is true, that we like being around people, especially our loved ones but we don’t need them to be happy. People may come and make you laugh for a while, they can’t spend their lives cheering you up. Nobody can make you eternally happy because happiness comes from within. So the best person that can cheer you up is YOU. 

7. Happiness Can Be Found In Little Things

Who said you need luxuries of all kinds to be happy? Even the smallest thing can bring a smile to your face. Mr. Bean clearly taught us how preparing a mid-day meal can also make us happy. Reading a book to bed, making your favorite breakfast, or spending some me-time, can also make you happy. You don’t always need to go on a foreign trip or dine at a fancy restaurant to feel delighted.

8. Own Your Mistakes And Apologize

Though Mr. Bean isn’t fond of his neighbors or adored by them, he still apologizes to people he unintentionally hurts. People around us hurt and deceive each other and rarely admit what they did. On the contrary, they start blaming others for what they did or said. These people never understand how their actions and words can hurt others. Apologizing to people you hurt, will never demean your personality, it will make you a humble person.

9. You Don’t Need To Please Others

If you are a people-pleaser, you need to watch Mr. Bean two times a day. This man, made me believe, that there is no necessity to please others as they will judge you, no matter what. Even if you do something good, someone will always be there to judge and belittle you. So why waste your time pleasing them? Give your best in whatever you do and don’t worry about, “Log Kya Kahenge?” People who love you will always find a way to you. 

10. Think Out Of The Box And Improvise

Mr. Bean has always inspired me to think out of the box and improvise whatever I have. His epic creativity and determination often led to misadventures, but he never gave up. You may not always have the best with you but that doesn’t mean the end of the world. You can come up with an idea that others may not think about. 

Above all, he also taught us to avoid putting our heads in a turkey. Oh, well, it is self-explanatory for anyone who has watched the episode. The impulsive, odd, and funny character has so much to give. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go and watch Mr. Bean.

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