Lack Of Motivation

8 Possible Reasons Why We Face Lack Of Motivation

Motivation- a word that stimulates cognitive, social, biological, and emotional behavior in a person. It can be understood as the factor that causes us to act and own a goal-oriented behavior. The goals can be anything, such as, getting a decent job, buying a house, going on a world tour, scoring good marks, etc. Whether it is reading a book, eating food, or walking, motivation plays a big role. 

Actually, motivation is for every living organism on this planet because every living organism has a hunger to achieve more. Suppose a person is willing to get a job and is working hard for it with full motivation. After getting the job, the person is still motivated but now the goal is different. It would be no wrong to say, goals and motivation form a vicious circle. Both of them keep on varying at different stages of life. 

But then a time may come when we lack motivation. It is not that one does have any goal and, therefore; he/she is short of motivation. There are situations when people feel a lack of motivation, despite having various goals in them. It could be understood as not being fully committed to accomplishing your goals. All of us go through the phase when we feel demotivated and try to figure out what went wrong. Well, there could be many reasons behind this. Let us have a look at some of those reasons. 

Some Possible Reasons:

1. Feeling That You Won’t Be Able To Make A Difference

You may start a project with full confidence, enthusiasm, and hope that your hard work will pay off. You may feel that your work will help you in bringing a change to society. But then you may reach a point, where your enthusiasm and hope fly out of the window. At this point, you may find it pointless to give your best and work hard. 

2. Getting Bored Of Your Daily Routine

Your daily routine can at times take a toll on your motivation. You may get bored of your job, assignments, or household chores and so you may not feel motivated to work. You may look forward to having a change in your routine and this can help you to some extent. 

3. The Fear Of Failure

When you are afraid, it is obvious to lose motivation. You may have fear of failure, judgment, and many other things. At times, your fears could be based on mere imagination. The moment you start giving more attention to your fear, you will start feeling demotivated. Instead of fearing what will happen next, the best you can do is channelize your potential towards your goals.

4. Procrastinating Work

If there were competitions on finding out who’s the worst enemy of ourselves, the award would have gone to procrastination. Yes, you read that right! After all, procrastination makes you postpone or delay your work, thinking “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Though all of us know that ‘tomorrow’ won’t come, still we postpone our work. Our temporary laziness or overthinking can make us procrastinate for no good reason. 

5. Going Through Crises 

While achieving your goals, you may find yourself surrounded by various crises. Problems such as financial crisis, health issues, family issues, etc. can take a toll on you. This may bother you to a great extent and hence you may not be able to maintain your goal-oriented behavior. But remember, when you possess the never-giving-up attitude, you can overcome any crisis. No problem can defeat your inner motivation, determination, and dreams. Every problem is going to surrender in front of you if you are ready to face it. 

6. The Lack Of Clarity In Your Work

Often people begin their work without having clarity of what they expect from their hard work. For example, people may not understand the objectives of the project they are working on. They may then set wrong goals and this can lead to a lack of motivation in them. Therefore, it is important to have clarity, otherwise, things may seem vague and tough to work on. 

7. Being Overwhelmed By The Goals You Set

Often people set high goals and get overwhelmed by the same. There are times when they overestimate their abilities & skills and set goals higher than they would be able to achieve. They may push themselves harder to achieve these ambitious goals but may not be able to do so. This may happen in a subtle manner. You may feel that you will achieve the goals but then you may procrastinate. 

8. The Kind Of Environment You Are In 

The kind of environment you are in can affect you in many ways. If you are surrounded by cynical, negative, lazy, and procrastinating people, you may feel demotivated most of the time. Even if you are highly motivated, you may tend to think likewise. This may then affect your willingness to work and achieve your goals. 

There could be many more reasons that may cause the lack of motivation in you. Whatever is the reason, make sure you stay focused and confident. The more you are distracted, the easier you will get deviated from achieving your goals and aspirations. No matter what, always remember why you started and then you will find it easier to stay motivated. 

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