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9 Relationship Myths People Believe To Be True

People get into relationships to receive love, care, and respect from their partners and give them the same. They already have certain beliefs about how things should be and how their partner should treat them. Often these beliefs may lead to putting their faith into some relationship myths. 

Nobody learns about relationships and dating in a course. They learn about it from what they see around them. People see and imitate how their married friends, parents, or relatives handle a relationship. Movies and novels also make us form our assumptions about relationships. You may expect your partner to be from what you have learned, seen in movies, or read in novels. 

The truth is, relationships and dating bring different experiences for different people. You may seem flabbergasted upon seeing your relationship different from what you thought it to be. Therefore, it is essential to bust some common myths related to the relationship. 

Here are some relationship myths that you may need to stop believing. Read on to know more. 

1. ‘If It Is Meant To Be, It Will Work Out’

Of course, if you build a ship, it will sail provided you keep it in a proper condition. The ship may face tides and storms, but if water starts pouring in, it can’t be saved from sinking. Similarly, your relationship will stand the test of time, provided you make your relationship stronger. If you take your relationship for granted or commit mistakes repeatedly, the relationship may collapse. The truth is, if you don’t put in your efforts, your relationship is meant to be doomed.

2. ‘Moving In Will Make Relationship Stronger’

Often couples think, moving in will strengthen their relationship and deepen their love for each other. They think they may grow closer, and hence their love will stay till eternity. However, this is just a myth. If you and your partner aren’t emotionally connected and lack trust, moving in won’t prove to be helpful. Staying together may bring positive changes in your relationship, but it can never guarantee a successful relationship. If you are already on ousts with your partner and his/her behavior, live-in may not mend things completely.

3. ‘A True Partner, Will Know Your Feelings & Needs’

People expect their partner to know their feelings, emotions, and needs. Your partner may not always be able to read your mind. After dating for a long time, your partner may predict your mood swings, needs, and feelings. You may develop telepathy communication in your relationship. Even if your partner loves you truly and deeply, he/she can’t guess what you want or how you feel. As an adult, you need to communicate what’s going on in your mind and heart.

4. ‘Passion Never Fades Away, If Love Is True’

If you still believe this notion, you need to get a reality check. Movies, series, and novels have made us believe passion never fades away in true love. However, the reality is different. If passion fades away in your relationship, please don’t think you are dating the wrong person. By virtue, passion eventually fades away in every relationship. Daily routine, increased responsibilities, environment and liabilities can diminish the passion. However, with little playfulness, dedication, and effort, you can revive it in your relationship. 

5. ‘Possessiveness And Jealousy Are Signs Of True Love’

Many people believe being possessive of your partner and having jealousy are the signs of true love. No amount of caring and love can cure the jealous and possessive partner. You may show how much you love and care for each other. But this doesn’t mean your partner is true to you. Your partner may cheat on you or abuse you and still feel jealous of other people treating you well. He/she may feel insecure about himself/herself, despite your unconditional love for him/her. True love is when you can be yourself, love yourself and your partner for who he/she is.

6. ‘To Make Relationship Work, Partners Should Change Themselves’

I am not saying that bringing positive and small changes in you is wrong and unacceptable. We must change with the time and environment around us. But expecting your partner to change his/her individuality for the sake of saving the relationship is wrong. You can inspire your partner to learn, grow and be a better human. You can’t ask him/her to forget his/her individuality and transform into a new human being. Accepting your partner for who he/she is, is one of the ways of making your relationship work out. 

7. ‘Fights Always Ruin Your Relationship’

Do you know that fights can strengthen your relationship? Ignoring your problems or shelving them can cause severe misunderstandings and hurdles in your relationship. The nature of fights between couples can also be a deciding factor in whether or not the relationship will work. If the conflict is more about blaming, abusing, yelling, and not speaking for days, then this can cause damage. The fight should be about modestly expressing your disagreements with rational logic and clearing out the air. 

8. ‘Having A Baby Will Make Things Work’

This is one of the most common myths people believe even today. When things aren’t going well between couples, they often opt for having a baby, thus, inviting more problems. How can you expect your naive kid to resolve the relationship problem, you couldn’t solve as life partners? The baby may bridge the gap between you and your partner, it can’t mend things. You may continue to fight in front of your kid, pass taunts on each other or grow emotionally distant. Eventually, you may raise a kid who hardly saw his/her parents showing love, empathy, and respect for each other.

9. ‘Having Regular Sex Keeps Relationship Healthy’

Do you know why couples often complain of sexual dissatisfaction? Even if they have sex frequently, they may complain. Sex may keep the spark alive and strengthen your physical relations, it can’t guarantee a healthy relationship. If you lack emotional intimacy, no matter how steamy your sex life is, it will not seem good. Instead, you need to identify what is the root cause and why there’s a lack of libido. Sit together, talk and develop some emotional intimacy. 

Your relationship depends upon the number of efforts you put into your relationship. It also depends on what you seek from it and the way you treat your partner. Instead of believing in the above-mentioned myths, be the best version of yourself and encourage your partner for the same. 

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