Things Parents Need To Understand
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A Few Things Parents Need To Understand

Parents are the major reason we are breathing and thriving in this world. They have brought us into this world and given us all sorts of things to make ourselves better. Having parents who believe in us is a true blessing. However, having parents itself is a blessing and I completely agree with this. What is not okay is a few things that parents do to us. As their children, we shouldn’t question their efforts and sacrifices. Still, there are a few things that we as children would want our parents to understand.

These are the things that actually bother us. Read on:

1. We Don’t Always Lie 

As our parents, you may think that we always lie to you. It could be because you have caught us telling lies at times. To be honest, we may lie at times but it is mostly because we fear your reactions. Had you won our confidence and made us believe that we can reach out to you, we wouldn’t have lied. But we want you to know that we don’t always lie to you. Maybe we are just afraid to tell you the facts or the entire story. 

2. Please Don’t Compare Us To Others 

If you compare us to someone who had a wonderful placement or cracked UPSC, it helps us. Different people have different capabilities and comparing everyone on the basis of one’s achievement(s) is unfair. Just because our physical appearance is not as good as someone else’s, does it affect your love for us?

You don’t know the entire story and the factors that helped someone become successful or beautiful. Instead of comparing us to others, please inspire and motivate us to be the better version of ourselves. Moreover, how would you feel if we compared you to other’s parents?

3. Let Us Take Chances In Our Lives 

It is obvious for you to care about us and worry about our careers. We understand and it’s not that we don’t think about our future. We do and therefore, we often make up our minds to take chances. When you stop us from taking chances in our lives, you are stopping us from learning something new and valuable. If we say we want to choose dancing as a career, then please allow us to give it a try. Unless you don’t let us take risks, we won’t get to know how things happen in the world. 

4. We Respect You And Your Values

Just because we don’t follow those age-old practices at times, doesn’t mean we don’t respect you. We agree that this is the era when we children have opinions you don’t approve of. There are times when we may not bow to your decisions. We are sorry for doing so but at times we may find it uncomfortable to obey your each & every word. Trust us, we feel guilty for doing so but we are left with no choice other than listening to our heart. 

5. Technology Is A Part Of Our Lives 

We know that we are often using our phones and are glued to our screens. It may make you believe that we are obsessed with our phones. But this is not the truth. We were born in an era when technology was new to this world. Over the years, as we grew, so did the technological advancements. Technology has now become an integral part of our lives. Even if we try, we just can’t stay away from our phones, laptops, and other gadgets. That too when online education, remote and virtual working is the new normal. 

6. It Is Okay To Be Different

Not all humans are the same and you need to understand that. There will be times when we may not fulfill those stereotypes or choose a different path. We may not enter into the rat race and would stay firm at our decision of listening to our hearts. At a point in time, you may see that your child is not like others. This is when we would want you to support us because it is okay to be different. At least by being different we will be happy in our lives.

7. We Can’t Be An Extended Version Of You

You are not the only parent that dreams of their children becoming good humans. You may want us to walk on your footprints and be like you. But as an individual, we can’t be an extended version of who you are. Rather than expecting and forcing us to be like you, allow us to discover our own personality. Let us make our own identity and grow as an individual- independent of your persona. 

8. Ours Is A Different Generation

We were born to live and grow in the 21st century. The age gap between us is a clear indication that ours is a different generation. We may not have similar education, career aspirations, and future plans. Unlike you, we may want to live in solitude or explore the world, or have little tolerance for toxicity. We may not give more importance to marriage over a career or have kids even if we aren’t ready for it. We can’t help it because our generation is different from yours.

9. Allow Us To Have Some Privacy

Okay, okay we know you are always on your toes to keep us away from any escapades. Perhaps, therefore, you become anxious & suspicious when we close our doors or minimize our screen when you are around. Please be assured. We ourselves try our best to avoid any problems. It is just that we need some privacy to do our things as per our comfort. 

10. We Want You To Believe In Us

One of the things that would really elate us is to see our parents believing in us. Good things take time and so we may not taste success right after college. It may take time and immense patience and courage to make things happen. In that case, if you withdraw your faith and support, it will eventually make us lose the battle. 

The above-mentioned points aren’t just about things parents need to understand but also to incorporate in daily life. We as children are really thankful to you for giving us everything we have. We know the amount of pain you have taken to give us a good life. This time, all we request you is to accept us for who we are. Make us feel the warmth of the bond because we crave it more than anything else. 

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