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A Mother’s Love Knows No Bounds

Being a mother is not a cakewalk. It is quite similar to tightrope walking and I seem to be doing this, ever since I became a mother. Though Bill is my son and I have given birth to him, Raksha considers him as her own son. Believe me, things would have been difficult, if Raksha wasn’t here with me. She is such a beautiful soul that I feel blessed to have her as the Godmother to my only son. 

When it comes to Bill, I always try to choose the best for him and don’t put my trust easily in anyone. But when Raksha is around, I am relieved as I know she will always do what’s best for Bill. I still remember the first time Raksha saw Bill. She had tears of joy in her eyes and an innocent smile lingered on her face. That day, I saw her smile after a long time. Since that day she has always been there for me and Bill. She takes care of Bill as if she has birthed him.

At times, I feel what if Bill wasn’t born? Would Raksha still grieve over the loss of her stillborn? What a pain it was to see Raksha crying in silence for not being able to hold her baby even once. I remember, Raksha was so happy to know that she was pregnant. She used to eat well and take appropriate rest to ensure the healthy growth of her baby. 

However, it was during her last gestational period, when Raksha slipped down and hurt herself. After horrendous labor pain, she birthed a stillborn. Seeing her stillborn, I literally broke into tears as I knew how much that baby meant to her. I wanted to change reality but I knew it was impossible for me to do so. The moment Raksha saw her stillborn, she cried so bitterly. Her cries of birthing a baby that wasn’t breathing shook my soul. Oh, the way she mourned for days was something I had never seen. 

Perhaps, therefore, she took better care of me during my pregnancy and accompanied me to every possible place. When she got to know about my pregnancy, it seemed as if she was expecting once again. She used to caress my belly and cheeks. There were times when I had morning sickness and Raksha was the one who provided me solace. Often she would look into my eyes as if she wanted to tell me, “Stay strong, you are going to birth a healthy and beautiful child.” Her presence filled me with positivity. However, my extended family members and neighbors would often ask me to stay away from Raksha.

They thought she would hurt me or her presence may have a bad impact on my pregnancy. But I never paid heed to any of these opinions as I knew she was the one I needed the most. As my belly grew bigger and bigger, Raksha became even more caring and supportive. On nights, when I couldn’t sleep and felt restless, she allowed me to lean on her shoulder. She understood my cravings for food and therefore, never judged me for what and how much I ate. Due to her, my pregnancy felt like a smooth breeze and I enjoyed every bit of it.

Then came the time when I had to go to the hospital as my labor pain started. I remember when I felt the pain for the first time, I called my husband. He helped me sit into the car and this is when I saw Raksha- she was worried and anxious. We soon reached the hospital and I was taken into the labor room. Little did we know, she was already standing outside the hospital. 

Soon I gave birth to a baby boy and the doctor informed my kin. Two days later, I came back home along with my son, Bill. I could see Raksha’s happiness knew no bounds. She hurried towards me to hug me and see the baby. She caressed my head and kept looking at Bill with a motherly love in her eyes. 

My husband says that when I went into the labor room, Raksha was the most restless one out there. She would never sit in a calm manner. She paced up and down outside the hospital. 

I often have a tough time with Bill as he loves to throw tantrums. But had not Raksha been in my life, I wouldn’t have been able to keep my calm. In order to let Bill know how she took care of him, I often click pictures of the duo. 

Today, I am keeping this beautiful picture of Bill leaning on Raksha and playing with her. Just look at the picture above and you’ll see how safe and confident Bill feels to be with an elephant.

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