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A Stay At The Beach

What did the beach teach me? The question sounds weird, isn’t it? After all, how can a beach teach someone? But one can learn things from everything and anything in this world. Anyways, it was in July 2021, when I visited Gokarna, a small town in Karnataka, India. My visit to Gokarna turned out to be one of the best days of my life.

When you visit any beach, you’ll definitely find sand, water, waves, and the rustling sound of waves coming and going. But I found things other than this. I must say, over the past year, I was restless and depressed. The ongoing family problems, land disputes, uncertainties of life, and the health of my parents, took a toll on my mental health. I knew that going to Karnataka during this pandemic might cost me my physical health. I may catch COVID-19 and lay in bed for weeks or worse, I may not recover. 

Still, I chose to go to Karnataka, probably for one last time before beginning a new phase of my life. Oh, no, I am not getting married, it’s just that I am shifting to a new place. In Gokarna, I saw the sea for the first time. The moment I got down from an auto-rickshaw near my hotel, I could hear the roaring sound of the sea. I was so excited that I thought of visiting the beach first and then check-in the hotel. It was difficult to walk as the path towards the beach was slippery and the jungle surrounding the path seemed deserted. 

With all my excitement, positivity, and courage, I reached the beach. The moment I first stepped on the beach, a gust of wind hit my entire body. A few strands of my hair that had managed to free themselves from my ponytail, started blowing with the wind. However, I couldn’t see a single person on the beach. I tried peeping into some cafes to check if they were open but nobody seemed to be there. 

After staying for a while, I returned back and checked in to my homestay. Post this, I spent my entire stay at Gokarna watching the sea and the tides. Seeing the tides coming and going filled my heart with a feeling I never had in my life. It wasn’t love or infatuation. I felt as if the waves were coming to take away all my stress, worries, and anxiety. 

Initially, I was wearing shoes as one has to trek to reach the beaches. At first, I had decided, I wouldn’t take off my shoes. But I don’t know what happened, I found myself walking towards the seashore. Soon, I took off my shoes and allowed my feet to feel the sand beneath. As soon as the first wave touched my feet, I felt I have never been this happy in a long time.

I remember, whenever the waves came towards the shore, it pushed me back, and then they took away sand beneath my feet. This was the time, I could feel all negativities, stress, and worries going away with the waves. 

I sat on a rock that was right at the shore. Now every time the wave came in, it touched my face. Trust me, it wasn’t water but nature’s touch that seemed to be saying, ‘everything is going to be fine’. For instance, the roaring sound was replaced by a sweet and melodious humming.

It was as if nature was singing its lullaby to me. The wind was showering love on me as if it was aware of the tough time I had been through in the past year. I felt light and lively. While I was on the beach, it started raining. Initially, I stayed there on the rocks, feeling the rain droplets on my bare skin. I must say, as the rain droplets fell on my body, they instilled new energy and positivity in me. 

The waves hitting the rocks eased my pain. It made me realize that there are times when we fail in our attempts to achieve our goals. I could see a few boats sailing far away while the tides came towards the shore. This taught me, no matter what, you need to work hard without caring about failure. 

The soft sand and broken shells felt nothing but discarded pain of people like me longing for peace. Whenever I stepped on broken shells, it gave me a tingling sensation asking me to let things go. The sand stuck on my skin didn’t seem to leave them. It felt as if they were saying, we are there for you. 

I tried to capture each and every moment in my eyes while I was there on the beaches. I can still recall the sound of the waves and the footprints on the wet sand. The sunset at the beach made the water sparkle like gold. It felt as if nature was saying, ‘You’ll shine at the right time. Just have some patience and courage’.

With lots of positivity, energy, and hopes, I bid goodbye to the magnificent and mesmerizing sea. While I was going, I turned back to see Gokarna Main Beach one last time. The waves rose high with grey and dark blue in color. In no time they fell down and reached the shore as if they were bidding goodbye to me. 

I must say, sitting at the beach and watching the sea, helped me in building my lost self-esteem. It was a self-discovering journey for me. I have understood that not all pain can be healed by medicines and therapies. Some pains can be only healed by nature. You just have to let nature take control and enjoy things around you. 

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