Spirit Tales is a blog site that is more about thoughts, emotions, and feelings that goes on in one’s mind. The reason why this blog site was named so is, we feel that one’s soul has numerous stories to tell which go unvoiced as, at times, people around us hardly try to understand them. This can often lead to a feeling of restlessness and gloominess. No, no, we aren’t doing any social service by talking about one’s thoughts and emotions. In fact, we are just trying to make our readers feel light, relaxed, and better after they go through our stories. Now you may wonder why did we choose to write as we could have made videos of the same. We did so because reading can literally make you feel good. When you read something whole-heartedly and enjoy every single word, you see a different world from the perspective of a writer. Moreover, reading can help you connect to other people’s thought processes and emotions.

Talking about the blog posts on Spirit Tales, there will be stories written with a perspective that will take you on a journey (not a perfect one!) where you will be able to see things that are mostly overlooked in our daily lives. These things could be toxic, unhappy, and narcissistic relationships, sufferings, hardships, achievements, day-to-day happenings, social issues, struggles, social taboos, stereotypes, and much more. The reason behind talking about these is to show in what ways our lives get affected by this and how we could make things better. The blog doesn’t belong to one person but to every single person that can relate and connect to the stories posted here. The sole purpose of making this blog site is to help people gain some insights that would help them in mending their equation with people around them and making the world a better place to live by breaking the stereotypes and taboos. We hope that you enjoy your time reading the stories posted on Spirit Tales. In case, you have any suggestions, feedback, query or something that you would love to share with us, then you may contact us. We will be really pleased to hear from our readers and admirers.

Let Soul Speak The Heart Out


Spirit Tales aims at reaching people who want to be heard out and voice their thoughts, feelings & emotions.


Our vision is to reach more and more people in the coming years and contribute to noble deeds.


  • Sticking to the truth and ethics
  • Extending a helping hand
  • Developing self-awareness
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