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An Annoying And Shocking Train Journey

A few days ago, I was traveling to my hometown. Since it was a train journey, it was really disturbing and annoying. It is not that I have never traveled by train before this. However, the experience that I had this time was different. I was shocked to see how people behave selfishly while seeking their comfort.

So I was standing at the railway station when I spotted a family waiting for the same train. From their appearance and conversation, they seemed to be villagers. They were engrossed in talking and were blocking the path for others. A young boy carrying too much luggage collided with the family. Instead of helping him or realizing they were blocking the path, they scolded the boy. Since the train arrived shortly, the argument stopped automatically. As soon as the train stopped and doors opened, passengers started boarding and deboarding the train.

The moment I boarded the train, I saw many people were standing in the passage. Some people already inside the coach were blocking the way while settling down. Instead of making way for others to locate their seats, they were busy adjusting their luggage. I understand, the moment you board trains, you will have an unstoppable urge to settle down. But that shouldn’t bother those trying to get inside the coaches.

After I had settled down on my seat with my luggage in a proper place, I took a sigh of relief. After a few hours, another family boarded the train. They were a total of 11 people including children. Surprisingly, they had booked tickets for only 5 adults while there were 8 adults in the family. Even though some of them were not having tickets, they were finding seats to sit and lay down. One of the ladies approached me and sat on my seat. Since it was night and I was already tired after having a hectic day, I wanted to sleep. I asked the lady to go to her seat and let me sleep.

To my utter surprise, she became defensive and started blaming me. According to her, I was insensitive and unkind. Since I was taken aback, I asked her if she had tickets. She said yes, I have. Soon, she pulled out a paper and asked me to look at it.
“It clearly says you have booked only 5 tickets, and as per the ticket, this is not your seat,” I replied.
“So what? Can’t you adjust? It is just a matter of time. We are poor and can’t afford tickets for all of us.” However, they could afford sports shoes, beautiful sarees, and gold jewelry. After an intense discussion and disturbances, I saw TTE coming to check the tickets. A few members of the family hurried to other coaches to escape. They went to the washroom to avoid getting caught.

However, they were caught and fined. Once the TTE left, the family started complaining about how the government is unfair. They said, “We gave votes to get free services, and now here we are getting fined.”

At times, they were speaking so loud that other passengers would ask them to lower their voices. I know many of you must have faced this situation. The thing that surprised me was these people were least bothered about others. They were unapologetically speaking on the top of their voices. But at the same time, they were complaining about how co-passengers were not being generous. They were disturbing others by deliberately sitting in others’ seats. At times, they were littering on the train.

Many of us believe that it is okay to litter and exploit public places and property. To make ourselves comfortable, we never care about others. All we want is to ensure our comfort. I understand some people cannot afford to reserve seats. For that, we have separate coaches, where you can travel at relatively lower prices. Again, those who seek comfort must understand there is no such thing as free lunch.

You may not want to pay for availing of the services provided by the government. At least, pay for those who help you in availing the services. For example, when you book train tickets, you are contributing towards the salary of train drivers, TTE, etc.

Most importantly, we are still lagging because we seek personal comfort. Does not matter who pays the price or faces difficulties.

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