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Annoying Things Women Are Judged For

What do you think makes a woman a vamp? Is it the bold red lipstick, high heels, stylish clothes, colored hair, or her accent? You may find it weird but we judge women the moment we look at them. We form judgments about people based on their appearances, accents, music tastes, etc. Daily soaps and movies have shaped our thought-process to believe certain things make women vamp, apparently. Wondering what those things could be? Here is the list. 

1. Doing Bold Make-Up

Do you remember Komolika from Kasauti Zindagi Ki TV serial and Ramola from Kahin na Kahi To Hoga? Well, there are many such examples of women antagonists wearing bold make-up. In TV serials and movies, by looking at the look of the women, you can figure out which one is the villain. Why? Because bold make-up means you are not an ideal woman. If you wear red and other dark lipsticks, it reflects your negative side. That’s what people think. 

But you know what? Whether dewy or bold, make-up doesn’t define your character. It’s people and their perception that needs to change.

2. Donning Smokey Eyes

Though this can come under wearing bold makeup, women at times may don smokey eyes without bold makeup. Instead of appreciating the efforts for smokey eyes look, people judge women for being rude, shrewd, and whatnot. How does a dark eye-shadow make a woman villain? What if she loves to wear dark eye-shadows but is a kind-hearted woman?

3. Wearing Short-Dresses And High Heels

Even in this modern era, women’s clothes are considered the benchmark of their character certificates. Women often are judged for wearing short dresses and high heels. The shorter your dress and higher your heels, the cunning and audacious you are perceived to be. People will not only judge you but your upbringing, values, opinions, and family background. 

4. Being Friends With Men

If you are friends with men, you likely are to be judged unapologetically. The moment people see you hanging out with men, they will start making your character certificate. Cracking jokes, laughing, spending time, etc. with men can often raise the eyebrows of society. Though society may not have a problem with the vice-versa, it will always criticize women for being friends with men. 

Instead of being prejudiced, society needs to understand that people befriend humans and not gender.

5. Drinking Alcohol

Though I am never a supporter of drinking alcohol, I believe it is a matter of personal choice. If somebody wants to drink and can digest alcohol, that shouldn’t be a problem for others. Unless it isn’t a situation of life and death, no one should interfere. People may not judge men for drinking alcohol but they won’t waste a moment to judge women who drink. Doesn’t matter how disrupted their (read: society) personal lives are, they always try to discipline women who drink. This shows the double standards of society.

6. Partying Late Night

Late-night parties are cool and fun, provided you are not a female. The aunties and uncles in neighborhoods are always ready to find out women who return home late. The worst thing is, they will begin to spread rumors and would enjoy badmouthing such women. Enjoying your life and living it with pride can at times cause problems to narrow-minded people.

7. Being Career-Oriented

Gone are the days when women were supposed to be housewives and look after the kids. These days women are more likely to be career-oriented. They seek higher positions through hard work and talent. People often tag such women as bossy, too obsessed with career, blah blah. They go lecturing them about being more feminine and fulfilling their duty as mothers and wives.

8. Having Body and Facial Hair

Women having the body and facial hair are often mocked and looked down upon. They are considered as someone with bad fashion sense. Before forming these opinions about these women, do we ever think what if she doesn’t want to remove them? Or what if she has some hormonal disorders and diseases? Whatever be the reason, if women are comfortable with their body hair, you are no one to judge them. 

9. Laughing And Speaking Loud

Laughing out loud and speaking in a loud tone are still believed to be men’s things. Seems like women have no right to laugh and speak their hearts out. Even today young girls and women are asked to speak in a soft and low voice, especially in front of men. For them, laugher is considered a sin. Speaking passionately and dynamically on a topic is grabs unsolicited advice and attention.  

10. Not Wanting Kids

It is fact that women can bear children and bring them to this world. But expecting every woman to bear a child, irrespective of her priorities is wrong. Women who prefer not to have kids are perceived as black-hearted and wicked. No matter how happy a woman is without being a mother, society will still curse her for not having kids.

Society may have certain expectations from men and women. But making those expectations an obligation is wrong. A woman has the right to wear whatever she wants and live her life the way she wants to. We are no one to judge her and make her feel uncomfortable with our unsolicited advice and opinions. Let them live freely. 

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