Are You Busy Or Productive? Here’s the Difference

We are living in an era where almost all of us are busy and engrossed in various things. The passion to do great in our careers and the determination to turn our dreams into reality keep us busy. I myself feel at times, that I have no free time. Every time I look at my schedule, I have something to do. Every morning is a race to be on time and due to this, I often compromise on my breakfast. When I return back to my place, I find myself exhausted, yet preoccupied with things to do. 

But am I productive? I often ask myself and try to introspect if I am productive. Doesn’t matter how busy I am, my focus should be on increasing my productivity. Have you ever analyzed if your schedule is keeping you only busy or productive? It is surprising that many people don’t know the difference between being busy and productive. Fret no more, here are some differences between being busy and productive. Read and find out.

1. Busy People Take Too Many Things On Their Plate. Productive People Know What’s Important And Urgent

Busy people could be equivalent to 10 humans but there are times when they can’t shut the door. This often confuses them on what is important and where they should be focusing more. They may have a tough time understanding what’s important and what’s urgent. This is because they may often exhaust themselves completely on something urgent rather than the important one.

2. Busy People Try To Complete The Work Assigned. Productive People Tailor Their To-Do List

Busy people are often seen jumping on every assignment they can. For them, getting plenty of things done in 9-10 hours is key to being productive. Even if the end results are often contradictory, they are always occupied with several other things. 

Productive people on the other hand are experts in tailoring down their to-do-list. They know multi-tasking is effective when important tasks are paired with lesser important tasks. You won’t find them glued to their desks rather giving themselves enough breaks.

3. Busy People Have A Long List Of Priorities. Busy People Have Fewer Priorities

If you ever find a person who stays super busy, you’ll notice, that they have a long list of priorities. A person who has never-ending priorities, then he/she is surely in a mess. Productive people try to make a system that helps them yield better results without much hassle. They know what is actually important to them and thus they don’t give much attention to other things.

4. Busy People Focus On Action. Productive People Focus On Clarity

As soon as these people get work, they start thinking about an action plan and start working on it. This isn’t bad unless you have clarity of what you are supposed to do and what you are actually doing. Productive people tend to gain a better understanding of what’s needed to be done and what outcomes are expected.

5. Busy People Talk How Tight Their Schedule Is. Productive People Let Their Results Do The Talking

Busy people are often heard talking about how busy they are. People who are actually engrossed in doing something, don’t need to talk about the same. Their results will do the talking. It is as simple as talking about acting doesn’t mean you are an actor. Those who are actually good at something, their work speaks for them. 

6. Busy People Are Often Distracted. Productive People Are Well-Focused

You will often find busy people checking on their emails and mobile notifications. They often switch between their important work and distractions, thus decreasing their productivity. Eventually, their brains find it extremely difficult to focus. 

However, this is not the same with people who are productive. These people set a time for checking their emails, inbox, and other notifications. They set a goal for the day and try to fulfill it. 

7. Busy People Complain How They Have No Time. Productive People Make Time For What’s Important

The more you spend your time complaining and making excuses, the less productive you will become. For productive people, their actions either make way for achieving their goals or doesn’t. They will either make effort for important things or just let it be, even if they have plenty of time. You will hardly find them complaining about how they have no time for things that are important to them.

Being busy is not always the same as being productive. I am not saying that being busy is a bad thing but what’s the point if you aren’t productive? Often being busy is driven by perfection whereas productivity is driven by having a vision and purpose. Having clarity of actions and dedicating yourself to creating the right strategy, is the key to productivity.

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