Bitter Truths

Bitter Truths Of Life We All Need To Accept

All of us want to lead a happy and beautiful life. We want to achieve all our dreams and make good memories to cherish forever. However, when does life run according to our plans? Destiny tests us at every step. It introduces us to the realities of life, especially the harsh ones. The more you run away from the bitter truths of life, the more it chases you. 

You may wonder what those bitter and brutal truths could be? Well, there are as follows.

1. Every Person You Love Is Going To Die

The sooner you accept it, the better. Every person you love is going to bid goodbye to you one day. Your parents, partner, friends, and every other person you love, including you will have to leave this world. Though painful it is, all you can do is make the best memories with them. Structure your life such that you are with people you love and who care for you. 

2. The More You Find Happiness, The Farther It Will Go

The more you are obsessed with finding happiness, the harder it will get to find it. Happiness is present within you. All you need to do is acknowledge it. Your happiness can’t always be the same as that of others. So instead of giving others the key to your happiness and finding it somewhere else, find it in you.

3. Self-Love Is Above All Forms Of Love

Hands down, self-love is the most important form of love. Someone unable to love themselves, can’t love others. Treat yourself well and try to be better in every dimension. No matter how much people love you. If you don’t love yourself, no other form of love can be enough for you.

It isn’t about buying things for yourself but putting yourself above all and ensuring your overall well-being. Self-love is believing in yourself even when others consider you a gone case. 

4. There Is A Caring Partner Or No Partner At All

If your partner isn’t caring at all, you are with the wrong person. A caring person will care for you and make you feel loved, safe and respected. He/she will treat you the way you always wanted to be treated. No matter how good-looking, affluent or intelligent your partner is, if he/she isn’t caring- it is a waste. Looks fade away, and wealth depletes but a caring and kind heart grows to be even more caring and kind.

5. A Relationship That Stood Long, May Not Be The Perfect One

Just because our parents have been married for all these years, doesn’t mean they are made for each other. They might have stayed together because that’s what they thought marriage is. Sticking to your partner, even if you hate him/her for being a horrible and dishonest person. A perfect relationship makes you a better person and adds value to your life. If your partner doesn’t inspire you to be the best, why are you with him/her?

6. Family May Not Be Your True Support System Always

Our families are an important and integral part of our lives. We may put our families on the top of the priority list and there is nothing wrong with it. But you need to accept that your family may not always be your support system. This indeed is one of the bitter truths that people don’t accept. 

Your family will support you until you contradict their thoughts, opinions, and perception with your perspective. Some people suffer because of their families but choose to stay silent. Because, how can you point a finger at your family, isn’t that what society expects from us?

7. Best Revenge Is ‘Not Thinking About It’

After going through heartbreaks, deception and atrocity, you may want to seek revenge on that person. Your anger and overwhelming emotions will make you determined to take revenge but is that always worth it? The best revenge is to show that you don’t care. Why waste your emotions, time, and energy on someone who did bad to you? Instead, focus on improving yourself and making it big. The person will eventually feel guilty about his/her actions and words. 

8. People Denying Their Flaws, Aren’t The True Ones

We often hear people talking about how important it is to accept our flaws and love ourselves. Not everyone can do this easily. At times, it takes a lot more effort to accept the way we are, and that’s okay. But denying your flaws and believing otherwise is not right. People who ignore their flaws and always portray themselves as the perfect ones are not the true ones. 

9. Not Everyone Thinks The Best For You

Who would not love to have well-wishers? Having them is no less than having a blessing in life but remember, not everyone thinks the best for you. Yes, that’s another bitter truth. People may pretend to be happy for you but will send curses at you behind your back. They may badmouth and envy you for everything that you have. It is important to find who’s a friend and who’s a foe to you.

10. Love Fades Away, Eventually

Many people think love is the reason for a long-lasting and healthy relationship. On the contrary, love may lead you into a relationship, it indeed is never enough. A relationship stands strong on the foundation of mutual respect, honesty, equal efforts, and commitment. If you don’t respect your partner or aren’t honest, you are likely to take him/her for granted. You may cheat on your partner or give a cold shoulder or disrespect them. Many people love each other deeply but can’t give commitment or respect to each other.

It is okay to face the storm, shine in the light and embrace change. Life will put you through tough times and try to break you but you need to stand strong. You might be a villain in someone’s narrative or your luck may not favor you. But that doesn’t mean you will give up and stop being the better version of yourself. 

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