The Essence Of Navratri & Vijayadashami

Vijayadashami, the day of victory, is an essential festival for Hindus worldwide and comes right after Navratri. People all over …
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Are You Busy Or Productive? Here’s the Difference

We are living in an era where almost all of us are busy and engrossed in various things. The passion …
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Why I Don’t Want To Stay With My Parents

I love my parents, just like any other kid would do. My parents are no doubt an integral part of …
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The Letterbox

It was the year 2004, Madan kaka retired as a dakiya babu. The whole village of Keshabagh was very thankful …
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Lessons We Learn From Art

Art has been the most alluring and at the same time most ignored element that we witness in our lives …
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How My Critical Parents Affected My Life

My friends and I talked about love marriages in India a few days back. We talked about how some of …
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Suicidal Thoughts

7 Subtle Suicidal Thoughts People May Have

Depression can do worse for people. It can destroy one’s life in the most brutal way with no way of …
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Sleepovers: Gateway To Feminism & Sisterhood

Sleepovers have always been an alien concept for my parents. The only sleepovers my family members ever approved of were …
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Environmental disasters

Humans’ Contribution Towards Environmental Disasters

Over the past few years, many states in our country have been hit by floods. Every year there is a …
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Magnificent Brown Beauty Of India

Beauty is found when it pleases one’s heart, eyes, and actions. Although it has no proper definition, if one seeks …
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