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What Causes Rape- Clothes, Women Or Mentality?

If I ask what’s the most horrible rape incidents you have heard about, I may be tagged as stupid. Why? Because the word rape itself is horrible and it is always inhumane. No matter who was molested in what way, it is always appalling and soul-crushing. Recently, a woman from Uttar Pradesh, India was raped by her own son. Yes, you just read that right! This inhumane act took place on 4 November 2021. 

The boy who raped his mother was high on drugs and alcohol and did this act at knife-point. The drug and alcohol addict boy first threatened his mother to slit her throat, if she denied sex to him. So far as many people I have talked to, seem to be equally shocked after hearing this incident. I am sure, you too may think, how can someone rape their own mother? But you know what, instead of asking this, why don’t we ask, how can someone think of raping a human?

Over the years, I have heard people saying, ‘Wear modest clothes’, ‘Don’t show your skin. It will grab attention from men’, ‘Don’t stay out when it gets dark’, ‘Don’t smile to men’ and so on. One rape incident and people don’t stop from giving unsolicited advice to women. Parents will impose restrictions on their daughters, ask them to protect themselves and what not. They may ask her to return home, avoid exchanging numbers with male colleagues, friends, stop wearing jeans and the list goes on. But what is the end result? Do these advice, restrictions, and rulebook lead to a decrease in rape cases? Or do rapists stop eyeing women from top to bottom?

The answer is NO. Irrespective of what a woman wears, looks like, or whether stays indoors, rape incidents don’t seem to stop. There have been instances when an infant girl or an elderly woman was raped. Women wearing sarees which are termed to be modest clothing have also been raped. Those wearing Hijab and little frocks too have gone through this ghastly incident.

Who could forget the shocking incident of the Hyderabad doctor who was set ablaze by her rapists? If I am right, she was wearing a salwar kameez which again is seen as modest clothing. In fact, she wasn’t even smiling at her rapists before they crushed her soul with their heinous act. She might have been upset and worried after seeing her scooty’s tyre flattened. 

In fact, women are asked to avoid going out and accompanying their brother, husband, or father to stay safe. In that case, many women have been raped in front of their father, brother, and other family members.

Those who say it’s women who incite men should slap themselves after hearing the news of infants getting raped. How on the earth a little girl can seem seductive to any person? What about women who are in their 70s, 80s, or 90s? And what would you say about women who get raped by their relatives? 

A person’s clothes, body, smile, or the time he/she is at a place, can never be the reason behind rape. It is always and always the sick mentality of the person. A normal person can never think of hurting anyone in such a monstrous manner. You could either yell at someone, cut ties, ignore the person or just stay mad at him/her. But never in your wildest dream, you can think of falling so low. It is always the monsters.

The moment you text an obscene message, audio, video, or seek sexual favor, you degrade yourself. At that moment, you just kill the human inside you and awaken your inner devil. You may not realize this as you may enjoy harassing someone. You may think, you are just having fun and term it as a flirtatious move. Besides, do you ever ask yourself, what if you were on the other side? 

The reason behind rape, eve-teasing, and cyber-bullying can be varying. Yet one thing that’s sure is, imposing restrictions on one gender and not educating the other gender is problematic. Unless we don’t educate both men and women about consent and what’s acceptable, there’s no solution. 

You may ask a girl to avoid wearing jeans and switch to salwar kameez, but will that cure a sick mind? The man who eyes woman will still lay his dirty eyes on women around him because nobody taught him what’s right and wrong. He will still think, it is okay to touch a woman or girl inappropriately or follow her to her house.

Even if you cover yourself with a blanket, a monster’s mind will peep through 9 layers of clothing and won’t spare even a kid. The monster doesn’t understand why it is heinous to greed on a human and lays his dirty hands on them. 

I am not blaming an entire gender. Instead, I want you to understand how rape incidents don’t depend on one’s clothing and body. It is high time when we understand the gravity of the situation and take a step forward. Only then, things may improve for sure. 

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