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Delhi Metro And The Old Couple

A few days back I was in Delhi on a business trip and it was a tiring week! Delhi Metro is one of the best things about the city and the ease it provides you is amazing. Some people may not agree with what I mentioned but that’s okay. Apart from the ease of commuting, Delhi Metro gave me a beautiful moment to cherish. I saw how beautiful love and respect can be, even after a certain age.

So, it was my second day in Delhi and I was returning back to my cousin’s place. Since I was completely new to Delhi, she had already given me a flowchart of possible ways to commute. While I was waiting for the metro with my colleague, I saw an elderly couple on the same platform. The husband who was already holding a small bag and water bottle was insisting his wife hold his hand. The old woman, on the other hand, seemed to be angry and said, “I am fine.”

“Oh, yeah you have always been fine for all these years.” The old man held the corner of his wife’s dupatta. Soon the metro train arrived and many of the passengers boarded the train.

Once I boarded the metro train and sat comfortably on a seat, I caught sight of the same old couple. I could see the old man was still clutching his wife’s dupatta in his right hand. Both of them were sitting quite comfortably. Soon, the woman tried fixing her slipping dupatta. She saw her husband holding the corner of it.

“Chhodo Mera dupatta,” (let go of my dupatta).

“Kyu? Kya dikkat hai?” (Why? What is the matter?)

“Are, to abhi kyu pakad rakha hai. Bacche jaise na karo.” (Why are you still holding it? Don’t be childish)

“To rehne do. Kon sa pahaad tut raha hai,” (Let it be. It won’t cause any havoc) this time the man was grinning.

The lady gave him a stern look and looked away while murmuring something. She then said,

“Iss age me bhi aap ko yahi sujh raha hai. Log kya kahenge?” (Even at this age, you are doing so. What people would think of us?)

“Log kuch bhi kahe, mai nahi chhod raha hu. Kahi kho gaye to? Iss umar me kaha dhundhta rahunga mai?” (I don’t care what people say. What if we lose each other in the crowd? Where will I find you?)

Hearing this, the woman smiled and said, “Kabhi gayi main aapko chhod kar?” (Did I ever leave you?)

The man smiled back and replied, “to dupatta nahi chhod raha hu.” (Then I am not leaving your dupatta). 

It was a 40 minutes journey. For the entire 40 minutes, I could see the couple talking and bickering with each other. Amidst this, he even offered water to his wife and asked her to drink it. When she declined, he said, “Pani pi lo na. Mai ye tumhare liye hi le kar chala tha.” (Please drink it. I brought it for you.)

The old couple and I along with many other passengers deboarded the metro train at the same station. While all were busy reaching their destination, I saw the old couple walking while holding hands among the crowd. In the swarm of so many people, the old couple was holding hands, yet the man didn’t leave her dupatta. I was so moved to see them together. 

In our society, we believe that love and romance are for young couples (the ones that are married, of course). But what if fail to accept is that love can stay even if you are old. In movies and TV serials, we often see older couples keeping love and romance at the bay. Even if they have a moment, they worry about what their children and other young people would think. 

In our families too, we hardly see our grandparents or other elder couples, showing love to each other. Though their love language could be different than what we know, they often stay away from it. Why? Because our society has taught us, that love and romance are for the initial years of your marriage.

However, the truth is, there’s no age barrier to love and there shouldn’t be any. If two people are in love with each other, they shouldn’t fear being judged. To love someone with all your heart is never easy. You may say that you love someone but do you really love that person? If yes, you wouldn’t judge people in love, no matter what their age is.

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