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Dussehra: The Day To Re-Awaken Yourself

Dussehra is observed as one of the major Hindu festivals that marks the triumph of Goddess Durga over Mahishasura. Celebrated right after the Navratri, the festival is seen as the victory of Good over Evil. People usually celebrate this festival by burning the effigies of Ravana to remind them how righteousness wins over mighty evil. This year Dussehra will be observed on 15 October 2021. 

Now you must be thinking, I am here to preach to you about the festival and its religious significance. Well, I am going to talk about something else but it is relatable to Dussehra. But before that, tell me, have you seen the burning of Ravana’s effigy? If you haven’t seen it, then you are not the only one. I too have never witnessed it in reality. But that’s not either I am talking about. In fact, I am talking about the killing of the demon. 

We know that any malevolent person or thing that causes harm to us or to society is a demon. It could be an abductor, serial killer, psychopath, calamities, riots and the list goes on. We identify evil so easily and try to safeguard ourselves against it. But how many times do we identify our own demons and try to get rid of them? Don’t you think, you will be celebrating Dussehra in true context when you overcome your inner demons? All of us have some inner demons and getting rid of them is what Dussehra teaches us. 

You may stand there watching effigies being burnt and still unleash your inner devils. People don’t realize when and how their evil side overpowers them and causes damage. They just take it as their mere reaction to an incident. However, this is not what it looks like. For example,

1. Your laziness may seem fine to us but it can lead to a negative impact on our work, studies, health, and other things. You may want to be a couch potato for a day or two and ignore your pending work. This may not seem bad to you but in the long run, this can actually disrupt your goals and routine.

2. You may get angry at something, lose your calm and speak harsh words or cause destruction. Later you may tell how angry you get when things aren’t as per your expectations. However, you may not look at the ravage and ruckus you might have made in your anger. Who knows you may not be able to undo what you did. Getting rid of this uncontrollable anger is quite important. 

3. Arrogance is an evil that often houses people, especially when they can’t handle their sudden success. People go on exaggerating their worth and feel entitled to themselves. They show an offensive and superior attitude thinking they are doing their best. However, they don’t realize how their behavior can hurt others. 

4. There are times when you may have greed for something and it could go to a great extent. Once you get that thing you may feel happy but what about the wrong you did while fulfilling your greed? A student might be greedy for good marks and he/she may use unfair means. Similarly, a businessman may try to earn more profit by hook or crook. 

5. You may find your jealousy for someone as a justified thing. Your mind may give you reasons that may seem right for being jealous. However, not many people are able to realize their jealousy. Perhaps, their subconscious mind fails to understand virtue and righteousness. 

6. At times, you may become selfish without even realizing it. You may go on fulfilling your needs and desires thinking you are doing the right thing. People often get confused between self-love and being selfish. Self-love is loving yourself without going towards a moral and social downfall. On the other hand, a selfish person may ignore the needs of those who are in dire need of help. 

7. Often things may not go as per your expectations and you may fail again and again. You may terribly fail at things you thought you would be successful at. Due to this, people begin to have pessimistic thoughts. They regard themselves as unlucky and unworthy. Furthermore, their pessimism makes them doubt their abilities, capacities, and skills. 

8. Violence is another evil caused by us but often goes unidentified. Now you may wonder when you did violence. You may not cause physical violence to someone or something but what about psychological violence? It is any action that may cause injury and fear to another living being. In fact, hitting a dog or splashing water on animals is also violence. 

9. Self Doubt is an inner demon that makes you doubt your inner abilities. You are not the only one who faces self-doubt. But it is something that makes us weak and inferior when it comes to being our best. 

10. Ego is the opinion one has about himself/herself. It could be a good opinion. The problem arises when this ego overpowers the good in you and makes you a villain. You may think you are the most important person and no one in this world can be better than you. This is when you cause destruction and let your inner demons take the charge.

These 10 things aren’t just negative thoughts but also inner demons. These can make us a person who causes damage to the society and people around us. Not only this but these can also cause a hindrance to your personal growth. This Dussehra sets you free of these demons and is a better person. Perhaps then, you will be able to kill the Ravana inside you. 

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