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Emotionally Unavailable Partner Alert: Signs To Look For

Think about a situation where you are dating a person who doesn’t maintain an emotional bond in the relationship. No matter how hard you try to bring emotional intimacy, he/she will never reciprocate the same. In such a case, you will be hurt, won’t you? This may make you feel uncertain about the relationship and also about your partner. If you are wondering what kind of person your partner is, then he/she could be emotionally unavailable.

Who Is An Emotionally Unavailable Person?

It could be possible that you may not have heard about this term before. An emotionally unavailable person has a tough time reciprocating others’ emotions and love. These people may not realize that their inability to maintain an emotional bond, may hurt others. They may not understand what amount of effort you are putting into the relationship. At times, understanding if your partner is an emotionally unavailable one may be difficult. But with these obvious signs, you can learn about him/her.

Signs To Look For

1. He/She Rarely Opens Up To You

One of the major signs that your partner is emotionally unavailable, is he/she rarely opens up to you. There could be times when you may encourage your partner to open up to you and share his/her feelings. But your partner may not share anything with you and would find it worthless. Instead, he/she may keep things to himself/herself. Moreover, he/she may take little-to-no interest when you try to open up.  

2. He/She Finds Your Emotions Quite Uncomfortable

Does your partner feel uncomfortable, the moment you express your emotions before your partner? Your partner may not be receptive to your emotions and would find ways to escape the same. In a healthy relationship, partners lend an ear to each other, support each other’s emotions and extend a helping hand. On the contrary, you may find your partner missing when you need him/her the most. Not only this, but your partner may not be able to handle your and his/her own emotions.

3. He/She Doesn’t Try To Understand You

An emotionally unavailable partner will rarely try to understand you. He/she may take your emotions in the wrong way and make you feel bad. Your partner may misunderstand the need to understand each other’s emotions and make you doubt your needs. He/she may consider you as a person who emphasizes emotions unnecessarily. 

4. He/She Chooses Physical Intimacy Over Emotional Intimacy

A healthy relationship has a balance between emotional and physical intimacy. However, there are people who may be keen to get physical before developing emotional intimacy. These people try to avoid the seriousness of complications that arise when emotions are involved in the relationship. If your partner chucks the thought of bonding without being physically intimate, then you need to see this sign.

5. He/She Rarely Puts Efforts Into The Relationship

Are you the only one putting effort into the relationship while your partner rarely contributes in the same? There are a hundred rulebooks stating how important it is to put effort into the relationship. Since a relationship consists of two individuals, the efforts should be equal and genuine. Not only this but appreciating the efforts of each other, is also a necessary thing. In case, these are missing from your relationship, then this could be a sign of an emotionally unavailable partner.

6. He/She Isn’t Affectionate At All

Is your partner not at all affectionate to you? A relationship is about supporting, loving, and caring for each other. It is also about feeling and/or showing fondness and tenderness. If your partner does the opposite of it and often pushes you away, then this could be another sign. You may never find him caring for you or showering love upon you.

7. He/She Considers Expressing Emotions Worthless

One of the signs that your partner is emotionally unavailable is, he/she considers emotions as a sign of weakness. Showing affection to others, getting attached to them, or sharing personal issues, may seem vulnerable to him/her. For such people, living an emotionless life is better than showing emotions. Being in a relationship with such a person may make you feel miserable and least loved. 

It can be quite difficult to be with an emotionally unavailable person. To deal with this, you can either try to discuss this with your partner or find a solution. If you are aware of the personality of your partner, you may prepare yourself mentally. 

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