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Food Wastage: Let’s Feed Our Mouths, Not Bins

Since our childhood we have read that food is one of the basic needs of humans. In fact, no living being can survive long without food. Nature has provided us enough resources to get food either directly (raw vegetables and fruits) or through other means. Our body has been made in such a way that we can enjoy every food and experience different tastes. But mankind turned out to be the most ungrateful creation after it contributed to food wastage.

Believe it or not, humans have always misused the gifts and resources of nature. Right from renewable resources to non-renewable resources, we didn’t spare food as well. People all over the world, waste food as if it’s in abundant quantity. Before wasting food, we don’t even think twice. There are times when we fill our plates with food unnecessarily. Even though our appetite doesn’t allow us, we fill our plate as if there is no tomorrow. We put as much food as we can and in the end, we pass the food to the dustbin. It would be no wrong to say, we feed bins instead of our mouths. 

According to the reports of the United Nations Development Programme, around 40% of the food produced in India is wasted. The same report further revealed up to 50% of produced food is wasted across the world. The amount of food wasted in India could feed, some percentage of the 20 crore people, sleeping without food every night. Isn’t that a great number!!!

As per a report published in Forbes India, we waste 50 kg of food per capita on yearly basis. In fact, the Food Waste Index 2021 report says, 931 million tonnes of food were wasted in 2019. Out of this, 61% comes from the household, 26% from the food services, and 13% from retail. Just think about how much we take food for granted while thousands of people sleep without food every night.

Still, we people will think, “Why only me?  Let others do the charity. I will do what I have been doing.” You may point out others for wasting food. 

Moreover, these days, it is a trend to order expensive food at restaurants and post pictures. However, posting pictures of food isn’t wrong. But wasting the food afterward is a serious problem. There are many people who order lots of food and end up eating only a small portion of it. After all, their appetite and their social media post gets satisfied.

Though it is a very personal thing and people might get offended, wasting food is not at all cool. No one will point you to eat but when you throw the food, it shows how insensitive and insensible you are! People may judge you for being a person who doesn’t understand the importance of food.

While throwing food into the dustbin, we forget the effort and hard work required to grow the crops. Many people who organize lavish parties, feel no shame in throwing away the remaining food. Instead of calling any NGO or poor, they consider throwing is a great option. Or, perhaps, they don’t feel important to think about the leftover food.

It is not that people always waste food intentionally. Sometimes, it is because the food is stale or isn’t delicious. In that case, we can compost the food. But when your food is perfect and edible, then wasting it is a blunder. 

I have compiled a few points that we can keep in mind to reduce the food wastage around us. You can follow these steps and contribute to a noble cause.

  1. Fill your plate according to your appetite not according to your social media influence. Buy what you can consume without wasting. For this, you can make a list of the consumption quantity of you and your family. Reports say, around 20% of food that we buy gets wasted. 
  2. Avoid buying vegetables and fruits unnecessarily. There is no wise in storing fruits and vegetables and then throwing them.
  3. Avoid cooking excessively. Cook as much as you think will get consumed completely by you and your family. 
  4. Stop throwing fruits and vegetables just because of some blemishes and spots. 
  5. Consume food before their expiry dates. 
  6. You can always reuse the leftover food in your next meals. Just because you couldn’t finish the salads in the lunch doesn’t mean you can’t have them in evening. 
  7. If the food can’t be consumed, compost it rather than letting it decay in the dustbin.
  8. While hosting a party or a get-together, make sure to get in-touch with NGOs or orphanage to donate the excess food. This way you will get some blessings from those who get to eat occasionally. 

Food is valuable. Let us not take it for granted. It fills our stomachs and gives us the energy to work and live. So, why waste and disrespect the thing that is needed for our survival? Think about the situation when you are stuck in a secluded place without any food. Won’t you feel the desperation to eat anything that you get? So, thank the Almighty and farmers before having food and try your best to avoid wasting it.

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