Heaven On Earth

What is heaven? From where does the road to heaven go? What parameters make us think we’ve done enough to land up in heaven? Is it the same for you and me? Also, is there any heaven above the sky or hell below the earth’s crust? While you are already scratching your head and thinking about these questions, I wish to add another part of it. Even if this notion is false, why our activities, behavior, and thinking based on what deeds would take us to heaven or hell?

I believe, there’s heaven and hell and we may not get it after death because these are on earth, within and around us, all through our lives. Our Karma rewards us as per our deeds, segregating between heavenly abode or a misery. Our fantasies about heaven being soft, cozy, and white with never-ending peace are a myth. The fear of hell being a place burning like a volcano where demons torturing the dead is also a myth. While we live, we go through ups and downs equally. It’s just upon us to think and decide where we want to stay.

My kind of heaven will be, being loved by the one I love the most. It would be the place where I won’t have to witness the deaths of my loved ones. Also, I would like to see my family supporting me during thick and thin and supporting my career choice. But we all know things aren’t going to be the same forever. For us, hell is when things go wrong, happiness turning into pain and life losing its meaning. This is when we need to remind ourselves that nothing lasts forever, not even the hell. The best way to end this pain is to walk away from hell and believe that the road to heaven is within you. The certitude of leaving all the dark and bad behind and chasing the bright light can help us reach the gates of heaven.

While we are hurting someone by not believing in them, being selfish, ego-centric or letting them go, we forget we’ll face the consequences. We forget that Karma will put us in a similar situation. Our wrong deeds, done intentionally or unintentionally make us answerable in this present life. Since childhood, the fear instilled inside us to avoid doing wrong or else getting into hell didn’t have a literal meaning. These torments are used to make us understand that anything evil that we do will make us pay. In the same way, where we cannot see or touch God but believing in His power helps us gain positive energy and have enormous hope. It is always said to perform good deeds and keep moving ahead. What goes around comes around. The help that you once offered to someone will turn around when you need it. Believe is the wholesome loving human nature and let us think of all humans on earth as our own family.

Once you start doing so, I believe you will start seeing heaven on earth. Life is not always blue, somedays it may rain but you can clearly put the sun up in the sky and shine like one.

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