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Here’s My Biggest Turn-Off

‘Turn-Off’, nowadays means something that causes a loss of interest. When you don’t like something or it evokes a negative feeling, you just say “it’s a turn-off”. There are several things and moments when one can identify whether it’s a turn-off or a turn-on! Humans are social animals and the milieu where we live- projects our lives. The environment plays a major role in enhancing any of our feelings, be it sadness, happiness, disgust, or desire. Just like any other person, there are things that turn me on and sometimes turn me off. It’s very important to share your turn-offs, so today I’ll be talking about my biggest turn-off.

As a child, I was unaware of several things, I take very seriously at present. One of these things is our resources. During my primary education, I barely knew about the term and its significance in the real world. Now I am pursuing my higher education, and I am already a social sciences fan! This is when my encounter with ‘sustainable development’ happened. Although it was a small column in the SST book, it held its deep engraved position until I reached 12th grade and even now in my post-graduation.

In what sense did the education ministry introduce this term into senior schools? What was the need to bring up something new? Why students from grade 6th onwards were educated about this ‘sustainable development? Who are these policymakers, plan executers who think- educating school students would help them curb the problem of resource scarcity? They must have had some vision for a brighter future. They must have known that this idea of resource usage will not come overnight. It needs to be learned and implemented for a longer time to make it into a lifestyle.

Once Mahatma Gandhi said, “there’s enough for everyone’s need but not everyone’s greed”. The planet we reside on, these rivers, mountains, flora and fauna, gases such nitrogen & oxygen, the vast ocean, and glaciers are enough for our needs. But it seems we’ve reached far and now it is only the greed that exists. Throughout the world, we have conferences on climate change, common future, sustainable development, and what not! It’s high time. Citizens like you and me, understand and apply ‘limited use of resources and try to save them for the coming generations. We cannot be selfish enough to enjoy these natural & free resources and make our children pay for everything that they deserve obviously.

It’s the time for Diwali, a festival when we clean our houses, pray to Goddess Laxmi and Lord Ganesh for prosperity, happiness, and success in our lives. Wasting a large amount of water in cleaning your cars, homes, and roads will not take you closer to prosperity but will definitely push your children away from it. As this festival marks New Year for many citizens in our country, I would request you all to pledge to save these resources for the future New Year.

Any kind of resource wastage is definitely the biggest turn-off I’ve ever had. The world is a beautiful place, any other turn-offs could be managed but this ‘turn-off’ really needs everyone’s attention around the world. I hope I was able to make you understand a grave situation.


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