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Here’s Why We Need To Be Vocal For Local Brands

Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about ‘Vocal For Local’, a campaign supporting and promoting local brands, it has led to a trend in India. While emphasizing, making India ‘Atma Nirbhar’ (self-reliant), PM Modi encouraged not only locally made goods and products but also urged the people to support them. Though it was just a year ago, people in India have always tried to increase the demand for locally manufactured products.

In fact, if we look at the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector, many business owners in India have tried their level best to produce and promote local products. Many of the locally produced goods in India have no doubt established themselves as leading brands. Some of these brands are Amul, Cafe Coffee Day, Haldiram’s, Flying Machine and many more. Now we cannot just sit back and relax thinking there are a lot of local Indian brands ruling in the market.

The Origin Of Supporting And Promoting Local Brands
Though the trend for #Vocalforlocal may seem to begin after PM Modi talked about it in one of his speeches, the roots for this movement dates back to 1905. If you are wondering how then you have probably forgotten about the Swadeshi Movement that started in 1905. The movement back then emphasized promoting the goods manufactured in India. The major aim behind this movement was to inculcate pride in our nation. However, over time we moved on and embraced globalization.

We cannot deny that we were so engrossed in using and promoting international brands that we forgot to see if our country’s brands can fulfill the demands during unprecedented times. Thanks to COVID, we realized where we were lacking.

Why We Need To Be Vocal For Local

As a nation that was one of the severely affected countries worldwide, it needs to buck up. We cannot deny that COVID-19 hit us in many ways. However, it taught us one thing for sure- we as a nation need to ensure that our demands can be met with the goods, products and services within the country. After the pandemic hit and different countries closed their borders and consolidated their inventories, the movement of raw materials in and out literally came to a standstill. This led to the haphazard in meeting the demands and requirements in different countries.

Before the pandemic, not many of us would have recognized our shortcomings. Now that we have learned, it is important for us to ensure the local brands get the platform they deserve.

Another reason why being vocal for locals is important in India, especially for states like Bihar, this can give much-needed importance to small business owners. People running small Kirana stores or running domestic industries are struggling hard to survive during this pandemic. The ‘Vocal For Local’ campaign can work as an impetus to increase the demand for local products and services, especially when all of us want the regular cash flow.

This will also help in reducing our dependence on foreign products and hence cutting down on the import pressure. Secondly, we can win the economic backlash against our competitor nations such as China. It will also help the business owners to sail through similar crises.

Above all, this way we will be able to establish India as one of the leading manufacturers in the world.

How Vocal For Local Can Help People In Bihar
In a state like Bihar, where people have the mentality of preferring government jobs rather than utilizing their potential in generating job opportunities, promoting local brands can bring a major change.

As per the 2011 Census, over 20.9 million people migrated from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh in search of livelihood. Even though these two states have abundant resources, people still migrate to other states to find jobs. In fact, the 2011 Census states that over 50% of the country’s inter-state migrants belong to Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh.

Now if you are feeling pity and thinking that these four states have the least scope for people who aren’t into government services, then this is not the truth. The thing is, people in these states think they can’t earn in their native state.

Brands like Inkyourchoice is one such small venture that needs support from our end. Supporting it can not only help it in establishing itself in the market, it will also help in creating new opportunities.

In today’s scenario, the Vocal for Local campaign can actually give a lift to the condition in Bihar and other states facing the issue of employment. As stated above, it can help in generating new job opportunities while the business owners find it easier to survive the adverse situation.

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