Highly Sensitive Person

Highly Sensitive Person: 11 Signs Of Them

Have you ever come across someone who is often bothered by emotions, physical stimuli, sound, light, and pain more than others? These people are both emotionally and physically more sensitive than people around them. Before you think of it as a disorder or disease, then let me tell you, this isn’t so. Being a highly-sensitive person (HSP) is quite normal. It is just that the brain of these people processes information a bit deeper and in an intense manner. These people are highly likely to be aware of the subtleties in their environment. 

The term Highly Sensitive People (HSP) was first coined by Dr. Elaine Aron, an HSP researcher, conducted a research. In the result, it was found that over 15-20% of people in the world are under this category. They perceive and experience things more intensely than any other average person would do. Now, understand that HSP isn’t more or less emotionally intelligent. They use their emotional intelligence in a very different manner. 

You may not realize whether someone is a highly-sensitive person. So let us talk about the traits of a highly-sensitive person. You can perceive these as signs of a highly-sensitive person. 

Signs Of A Highly Sensitive Person

1. They Are Easily Affected By External Stimuli

Do you know someone who isn’t comfortable around loud music, bright lights, and a pungent smell? External stimuli may act as triggers for highly-sensitive people. Others may not notice this but a highly-sensitive person may find overhead lights, snores, and loud sounds very disturbing. They can’t tolerate the sound of people chewing their food, someone talking loudly, a strong-smelling perfume, etc. They are likely to overreact when surrounded by such external stimuli. You may find them annoyed and irritated.

2. They Abhor Cruelty And Violence

Highly-sensitive people hate violence and cruelty to a great extent. Watching a horror, violent, gory, or disturbing movie or series may make them ill or unsettling. For them, seeing or listening to such acts is very intense and has a deeper impact on their minds. You may find them overreacting to cruelty or violence more than anybody else. They are also troubled by seeing people in miseries. At times, they may even cry or isolate themselves after experiencing these scenarios. 

3. They Get Anxious and Over-Stressed

If you put a time constraint or observe them while they do something, you may find them anxious or stressed. They may not perform well when compared to doing the same thing under normal situations. However, they are more baffled when they have a time constraint. They may get nervous and become more sensitive to time stimulation. Not only this, but they may become clumsy under such situations.

4. They Are Highly Compassionate

Being highly compassionate is one of the HSP personality traits. Since these people feel pain and other emotions comparatively deeply they tend to be compassionate. They often worry about others and empathize with their pain. They will try their best to make others feel better and share their problems. These people want to excel in their lives to help the needy with everything they can.

5. They Fear Being Judged

The fear of being judged is high in people with the traits of a highly-sensitive person. They are very conscious about what others think of them. They will give their best to avoid being in anybody’s bad books. Though some of these people are extroverts, they may still worry about how others perceive them. They will ensure to make things perfect and pay attention to every detail just to avoid being judged.

6. They Have A Rich And Lively Inner Life

A highly-sensitive person will always enjoy a rich and lively inner life. Due to their deep thinking and processing, they may at times love talking to themselves. They may have had an imaginary friend(s) during their childhood or enjoy daydreaming. Their imaginative and fantasy world is more tempting and intriguing. In their adulthood, they may enjoy realistic dreams. 

7. They May Find Changes Uncomfortable

Highly-sensitive people may not be open to changes in their daily lives. It is not that they can’t handle even small changes. For them, being surrounded by familiarity is better than being exposed to something new. They may not welcome a change in place or even people’s behavior towards them. For example, they could be glad and stressed at the same time for moving to a new city. 

8. They Often Get Startled

The nervous system of these people is often dialed up. Due to this, they may jump like a frightened cat in low-threat situations as well. If you try to play a prank with them, you will find them easily startled. They may get startled by a loud construction noise or a loud motorcycle racing in the streets. 

9. They Are Very Sensitive To Criticism

Though these people understand the importance of constructive criticism, they may find criticism a bit disturbing. While kind words make them feel better, harsh words may make them hit the ground. Negative criticism can act as a poison for these people as they may not take it lightly. You may find them disappointed and sad for a long time after they hear negative comments or harsh words. 

10. The Praise Beauty More Than Anything

Good music, beautiful artwork, intoxicating scents, wholesome food, etc. have a greater and deep impact on these people. These people may get awestruck by seeing the way the wind blows leaves or waves in the ocean. They may appreciate the beauty in all forms such as nature, human spirits, entertainment, etc. In short, these people are deeply moved by beauty and artwork. 

11. They Are Highly Conscientious

Being conscientious is one of the positive traits of a highly-sensitive person. They will always try their best to give their best shot and avoid any mistakes. They notice every detail and try their best to make things better against all odds. When assigned, they will execute a task carefully. Not only this, they often have a gut feeling which they seldom ignore as this saves them from mistakes. 

If you know someone who is a person with the above-mentioned traits, then you need to understand him/her. At times, you may not know how to deal with a highly-sensitive partner or friend, but you can try. Let him/her know that it is okay to be highly sensitive. Try to understand their emotional intelligence rather than pointing them out. 

You can motivate these people to indulge in self-care and avoid negative people and situations. There’s nothing wrong with being a highly-sensitive person. There are so many highly-sensitive people around us. Let us help them in being aware of themselves. 

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