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How Moving Away From Family Helped Me

Gone are the days when people chucked the thought of moving away from family for higher studies, jobs, etc. However, it’s not that during those days, people didn’t think of pursuing their dreams. They did, but not all of them considered staying away from their family. People these days, especially the youths consider it normal and important to move away from their family. I too count myself one of them. 

If I were, to be honest, I have stayed away from my family right from my childhood days. But it wasn’t until my college days when I realized the meaning of moving and staying away from one’s family. When I was enrolled at college far away from home and allotted a hostel, I realized it’s the first time I away am from my family.

The day I moved to a hostel for the first time, I learned how to manage things on my own. All of us are aware of what happens when we go to college for the first time. The nervousness of crossing paths with seniors, making friends, and getting in the good books of teachers, awaits us. 

Trust me, during the initial days, I faced several problems. Initially, I couldn’t understand whom to trust or how to deal with some unexpected problems. There were days when I would call my parents to tell how small the hostel room was or how pathetic the mess food tasted. Even my friends went through the same in some or other way.

Eventually, I got to understand things on my own. I learned to manage my expenses and keep a track of them. During those days, I started feeling independent. I slept for as long as I wanted or tie my hair in whatever style I wished. I could adjust my study hours as per my convenience.  Honestly, during the four years of college, I explored myself more than I studied.

In fact, when I moved to Bangalore after completing my graduation, I got to know myself even more. Initially, I had certain uncertainties, owing to the cultural difference and being all by myself in a big city. At the end of the day, I used to think what if I find it difficult to adjust? But guess what, I not only adjusted but also fell in love with my independence and solitude. 

I learned we evolve better when we deal with things on our own. It’s not that those who stay with their family never get to know themselves or evolve. In my case, I understood that bothering parents for everything may not help me in becoming a strong woman. Yeah, but that’s doesn’t mean I don’t need my family. I do need them but now I am capable of handling things on my own.

If you ask me, I would say my experiences, failures, learnings, and remoteness played a significant role. Moving away from family has helped me in taking better and strong decisions. Such as when in a crisis, I often thought about how my parents would handle the situation. Now that I’m staying with them, thanks to the pandemic, there have been instances, where I took the charge. 

However, there are times when I disagree with my parents, perhaps due to the difference in perspective and generation gap. We often end up arguing. But had I not moved away from them, I might not have evolved. I would have been someone clinging emotionally and mentally to my family. 

Moving away is not a cakewalk. People do face problems but eventually, those problems strengthen us. 

I am not saying that all of us should consider moving away from family. But if you are getting an opportunity, you may take a leap of faith. You never know, what’s ahead. While staying with family is bliss and a blessing, moving away for your own good has no harm in it. 

It’s not that people move and stay away from their kins forever. It’s just that they spend a few years away from their folks in order to achieve their goals. Some may move early while others are lucky enough to stay with their family while they study or work.

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  1. Whether we are with family or away from them ,we should always remember what’s our goal . Yes agree if we are away from family will opportunity to handle most of situation independently.

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