Environmental disasters

Humans’ Contribution Towards Environmental Disasters

Over the past few years, many states in our country have been hit by floods. Every year there is a hue and cry in some or the other part of the country. People become homeless, lose their loved ones, belongings, cattle, and most importantly- the peace of their mind. Recent years have seen a surge in various environmental disasters. The government and the Indian Armed Forces, give their best to carry out the rescue operations. But isn’t it a repetitive pattern? Are we still learning from our past mistakes and the lesson that natural disasters teach us?

Currently, Assam is hit by one of the worst floods in history. There’s no fixed count of how much damage the flood has cost as the destruction is beyond materialistic things. A couple of years back, major parts of Bihar were submerged in flood water. Jammu & Kashmir, Chennai, Mumbai, Odisha, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, and the list goes on. We keep on hearing the news of different states being affected by floods, cyclones, landslides, droughts, etc. 

Every year brings another environmental disaster and we forget and move on. We build new houses, buy new belongings and try to start afresh.

Besides, one thing that remains constant is our never-changing attitude of exploiting nature in the worst manner. In the past few weeks, I have visited numerous cities and stayed there. Since it is Monsoon season, Mumbai receives rains every now and then. The same situation was in Ahmedabad. However, in Delhi, UP and Bihar, the sun is at its peak. There is no rain but an excessive heat wave. 

On one evening at Versova Beach, Mumbai, I saw a few youngsters throwing a plastic bottle in the sea. The darkness, sea, wind, sand, and calmness felt so soothing. But the garbage that came along with every tide ruined my mood. I could see chips wrappers, plastic bottles, coke cans, polythenes, and many other wastes in the tides. We all know that these wastes are one of the contributing reasons behind environmental disasters. 

Then there will be a section of the population complaining about why they can’t find the beaches and tourist places clean.

Whenever there is a flood, we post long informative posts on what should be done to prevent floods. This goes on for a few days and we are again back on the same track of exploiting nature. We don’t think for a second before dumping garbage in the open. 

We often complain about water loggings but how many times do we ensure the drainage isn’t clogged by plastic wastes? People often tell themselves, what a difference would one plastic bottle create. We forget that it is not only us. There are many people who share the same mindset. When somebody tries to stop us, we give them an intimidating stare and ask how does it matter? 

We have been believing in the notion that it is okay to be a bit careless when it comes to nature. We don’t regret throwing plastic bottles and polythenes here and there as we think, it would go unnoticed. Maybe because we think environmental disasters aren’t caused by us. But if we look at the larger picture, we are responsible for it in many ways. 

These days, it is so hot in Bihar. People are falling ill and farmers are staring at the sky with a fragile hope in their eyes. Every morning they pray to the Almighty to give us some rain so that they can cultivate their lands. But when it comes to planting trees, none of us come forward. We cut down trees to build skyscrapers and beautiful buildings. We don’t think of what huge damage we are causing to the environment through deforestation. 

I am not saying that we are solely responsible for every environmental disaster going around us. But we are worsening the situation through our carelessness. We are contributing the most to the occurrence of these environmental disasters. 

Only a handful of people are giving their best to protect nature. However, many times, their hard work is spoiled by our ignorant attitude and behavior.  

We pollute the environment and then wish for the desired weather that makes us feel comfortable. Humans are said to be the most powerful and creative creations of the Almighty. Yet our actions are no less than any uncivilized creature. 

We need to understand that we are facing the repercussions of our deeds. Our actions are damaging the environment to a greater extent. If we don’t mend our ways, the end is inevitable.

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