I Have Changed My Mind
Beyond love and romance


I have changed my mind,
I’ve changed it for you,
I never wanna be loved again
And that’s all because of you.
Look at you, singing songs for her,
The songs which were ours,
Songs which you used to sing to me.
All those pleasant evenings that we spent together,
I want them all to turn into the stormy nights,
Nights that bother you, that don’t let you sleep of fear.
I have changed my mind,
I’ve changed it for you,
Because I have nothing to hold on to.
I see a ghost in your eyes,
Eyes in which I saw sunrises and sunsets.
It’s so cold, I’m glad you never wrote letters to me,
Or I should have burnt them all to get a minute’s heat.
I have changed my mind,
I have changed it for you.
Remember the honey and banana pancakes,
Your favorite breakfast with the kiwi juice that you loved;
I’ve cut those trees so that fruits don’t grow anymore.
You were my cup of tea but I don’t drink tea anymore,
Your love died for me and so you are not my love anymore.
I will always be number one,
I don’t care if you’re still ungrateful for everything,
My garden of flowers now only has thorns,
I have changed my mind,
So do not return.
Or I won’t spare you this time
Because the saddest of all is cheating on a woman whom god sent to heal you when you needed it.

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