I Thought Of Being A Good Wife
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I thought Of Being A Good Wife

Ever since you left this world,

I stopped wearing vermillion.

It isn’t that I don’t want to,

It’s just that there’s no reason left.

Do you remember, 

How you admired red color on me?

It was the colour you liked the most, didn’t you?

Now it no longer adores me.

People around me, always come to see,

If or not, I am crying for you.

But I guess, 

Ever since you left this world, 

My smile vanished along with my tears.

All I am left with is handful of memories,

But those memories seem to be colorless.

Now there are numerous things that haunt me, 

Including that bed, we bought after our marriage.

I put your favourite bedsheets to feel your presence,

But all I can feel is your absence.

While turning and tossing in the bed, 

I often wonder, if you too miss me this way?

But ever since you left this world,

People say you must be looking at me from all directions.

If you are there, looking at me,

I would want you to know that 

The cheese sandwich toast no longer taste the same,

Maybe it lacks the love and affection you put into it.

I often forget things before leaving for work, 

Maybe because you aren’t there to remind me.

The living room no longer has your smell, 

Perhaps it’s still damp from the tears our loved ones had shed 

Ever since you left this world.

Our friends call me and ask my whereabouts,

I tell them, I’m doing fine.

But you know very well,

How I am unable to cope from your loss.

Maybe because things shouldn’t have ended this way.

They say move on, but will I be able to move on?

Oh yes, I may move on, like you left this world.

People don’t know you had left once before,

The day when you had first cheated on me.

I asked you to leave her and mend things.

But you didn’t listen.

Then, I was heartbroken.

So I thought of being a good wife. 

I prepared your favourite breakfast, 

Ironed your shirt, packed your lunch and 

kissed your forehead. 

I waited for you to return from the office. 

You came and I hugged you. 

For dinner, I ordered your favourite food. 

Before sleeping,

You asked me to bring you a glass of milk to bed. 

And I poured the entire sleeping pills into it. 

Since you left this world, 

I let you know how you died so early. 

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