Lessons We Learn From Art

Art has been the most alluring and at the same time most ignored element that we witness in our lives daily. We sometimes praise an art while other times we turn a blind eye to it. It is believed that every existing thing on earth is a work of art but do we really look it that way? Our lives have become mundane and monotonous, we consider some work as ‘daily routine’ with no art in it and at the same time blame it on the lack of time when we wish to learn an art. But art has a very strong role to play in our lives that we often miss addressing. Art makes us calm, patient, disciplined, and compassionate. Life is like a nonstop marathon in which we are so deeply involved that we tend to forget some of the very important lessons that art has to give us. They are-

Art has no comparison. Every piece of art is different from the other. Today, when the whole world seems to be running towards a single finish line, art tends to find its own route, make its own way and win in its own defined path. When you learn or perform art, it is appreciated without being compared to another art. Can we compare a painting with a song? Or food with a ceramic pot? No. When there is no competition, we learn to appreciate and accept the skills of others which teaches us a great lesson in life.

The most beautiful act of artists that I have observed over time is the stage shift. In simple words, I would define a stage shift as an act of offering the center stage to upcoming artists, giving them chance to showcase their art in front of the world. Great artists from around the world like Shakira, and Akon to great Indian artists like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Madhuri Dixit Nene have transferred their stages to younger artists. Through this stage shift, art takes a new form, motivates the younger generation to carry forward, and also spread the idea of how art can take turns, adjust and advance in our lives.

‘Art knows no boundaries’, is truly said by someone. Art can never be separated in terms of region, language, religion, or origin. Think of a Maharashtrian vibing on an Assamese song, a Tamilian dancing on a Bhojpuri song, or the Americans and Canadians grooving on Punjabi beats. A mandala art decorated in a Russian home and an African eats French croissants. Art flows like air. We watch movies from all over the world, listen to songs, eat food and wear all kinds of dresses today. This is possible only because we appreciate art and we don’t let boundaries interfere.

Your art skill is your friend who will never betray you, always spend time with you, and will work as you say to let you be the in-charge of the creation. This friend will always help you motivate and succeed and will never get jealous of you. The art within you is a badge that defines you, makes you different from one another, and yet makes you feel special. This badge will always be right on your shoulders, shining and no one could take it off.

Only a mind that thinks creatively can understand art, for others, it might just be the daily creation. A poet sees art in the streets, a painter sees art in the trees, a musician finds art in the traffic and a dancer finds art in the chores we do daily. Art helps you become visionary and shapes your mind so you can see the extraordinary in everything ordinary. Art enables you to sharpen your mind, and think more critically and thus co-scholastic at school helps students develop their brains to a cognitive stage where they can find art and appreciation which would make them better humans.
Art makes us love- it makes us fall in love with everything artistic. Artists are the most loved people in the world because it’s not just them but their vision which is also transferred to those who understand them and their art. In the end, this world is about love and love wins over every misery. If we want love, if we can give love; we can do it through art. Find yours <3. Make Love <3.

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