Let Us Be Responsible For Our Environment

How many times is it that you put garbage in the dustbin? Have you ever removed a stone from the middle of the road or just ignored it and went ahead? Do you ever close a water tap running unnecessarily, especially in public places? You might be wondering, what am I talking about? Well, I am talking about how we often ignore some basic things and go on without worrying about the environment. 

There are times when you may see people throwing plastic bags, wrappers, and water bottles in the park. You may wonder what kind of values and ethics the person has. At times, many of us may wonder what’s the need to ask a person to take care of his/her garbage. After all, who likes to land up in a fight? Instead, we can think about what if more people keep throwing their garbage here and there.

Not only this, there are people who don’t care about animals crossing the roads. They won’t think twice before hitting the animal and run as soon as possible. People would happily dump their garbage on footpaths, thinking nobody is watching them. But they don’t realize that they are somewhere contributing to causing damage to their environment. 

It’s not just about the garbage. A month ago, I was coming back from Bangalore. There was one woman sitting in my compartment. She was perhaps in her 50s. I was really shocked at how she was throwing potato chips wrappers under her seat. In fact, she didn’t care to spread her belongings on the berth and then sit on the other berth. She would use the toilet and leave the door ajar. The worst thing that annoyed me was she was literally speaking on the top of her voice even at late night.

The only reason why I shared about her is to show how at times, people annoy others with their careless attitude. They don’t care about how others would feel and if their actions are inappropriate for the environment. 

Before the pandemic, one day I was heading to my workplace when I saw an elderly couple with their dog moving stones and rocks from the streets. They did this every day. One day I asked them and they say, it hurts when you fall down and skin your knees. Being parents, we understand how your parents would feel to see you in pain. 

However, many people often laughed at them but they never gave up. Now what I am trying to prove is, our actions in public places can affect others. We may not realize but littering in the streets can bother others. You may not care to turn off a tap but think about the people who live in areas having water scarcity. One may consider removing wooden logs and stones from the street as a wastage of time. But doing that would neither cost you anything. In fact, you may earn the silent blessings of people. 

I understand that most of us may not have enough time to go out and take part in social services. But you can at least try to take up the responsibility of protecting the resources when needed. For example, you may switch off bulbs and fans when not in use. You may try to pick the plastic wastes from a park and put them in a dustbin. 

One can try to help a blind or differently-abled person to cross the road rather than speeding his/her vehicle. Apart from this, you can avoid honking unnecessarily while stuck in traffic. Those who have a strong network can help in raising funds for NGOs and Rotaract Clubs. There are numerous ways in which you may take care of your surroundings. 

But before doing all these things, you need to be the kind of person who wants to be a problem-solver. Even if you aren’t able to take care of things, as others do, you can certainly give your best. We need to understand that the entire earth is our home and we need to keep it clean and healthy. It is important for us to look after the things that could improve our environment. 

When you look around and try to be a responsible person, you will be able to do it on your own. You won’t require any lecture or journal to understand what needs to be done. You will at least take care to ensure cleanliness and showcase your presence of mind.

So, look around and think in what ways you can be an asset to our planet. Take one step and you will find the entire path.


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