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Let Us Step Out Of Our Comfort Zone

All of us have a comfort zone and getting out of it is not always an easy thing to do. Many of us are courageous enough to always step out of our comfort zone, when necessary. But some of us keep waiting for some motivation or probably the right time to come. These people often wonder whether it is right to step out of their comfort zone. Forget about right or wrong, it is all about exploring yourself and overcoming your vulnerabilities and fears.

We humans often stay in a state of denial until we are left with no choice but to face the harsh realities of life. People who chose to stay within their comfort zone, often lag behind because they don’t realize what they have missed. At times, they may find themselves complaining about how they know very few things while people of their age are doing so much.

If I talk about myself, I myself have often stayed within my haven. Trust me, I still regret doing so, and therefore, now I try my best to do something that would help me grow and learn. However, there have been times when I chose to walk out of my comfort zone. One of the prime examples of when I didn’t step out of my comfort zone was not trying to learn driving. Yes, I am in my mid-twenties and I still don’t know how to drive. Probably, because driving counts in the list of things I am scared of. 

But let us talk about how stepping out of our comfort zone has helped me. So it was 2018 and I thought of moving to Bangalore after graduating. Initially, I had plans of going with my friend but then things didn’t work out and I was left alone with my plan. My parents didn’t want me to go alone and stay there. At last, I lied to them. 

Even today they believe I went with my friends and I have no plans of telling the truth to them. However, if they confront me, I won’t lie this time. So I opted for a train journey from Bihar to Bangalore. It was almost 50 hours of journey and trust me, I never had boredom. When I reached Bangalore, I had no soul to help me except my cousin who received me at the railway station. He left me at a girls’ pg and said, now you are in this all by yourself. 

I must admit that the initial days were a bit tough due to the language barrier. I couldn’t understand which bus to board for a particular destination. But things got better in a few days. Staying alone in a completely new city for the first time enhanced my confidence level. I realized accepting challenges boost strength, confidence, and positivity.  

There have been many such instances and every time I learn new things. In fact, it would be no wrong to say that I challenged myself to leave behind my same routine lifestyle. It helped me grow as an individual and explore my passion, vulnerabilities, strengths and much more. Every time you do something you believe you may not be able to do, you become strong. 

You begin to see obstacles as opportunities to bring out the best in you. Not only this, but you also meet different people and this helps you in building connections with them. You get to see their perspective towards life. But it is not that you should always go on taking risks. Instead take risks and step out of your comfort zone, when you are ready to embrace the uncomfortable. You should be capable of handling your own mess. Nobody is going to tell if the time has come. In fact, it is you who should ask yourself, would you walk out and have some adventures?

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