Magnificent Brown Beauty Of India

Beauty is found when it pleases one’s heart, eyes, and actions. Although it has no proper definition, if one seeks an establishment, it can be considered a combination of shape, color, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. It is perceived as a pleasurable feature of an object, person, or subject. Beauty can be found in poetry, an animal, cuisine, art, and in every possible thing in the world but is mostly recognized in the name of the physical features of human beings.

Asia being culturally and aesthetically very rich in itself has always defined beauty in things of shape, size, and color and one such beauty is the brown skin of Indians.
The color of the skin has always been a parameter to beauty in many places and not only in India. Since I am an Indian, I can best relate to what it is like to be a brown woman in this society.

There have been instances when dusky girls are asked to become fairer by applying cosmetics so that they can get a groom. The excessive demand for dowry money, being humiliated and discriminated against at institutions and workplaces, and being compared to people ‘more beautiful’ than them, etc. have been prevailing in the Indian culture since long. The advertisements showing girls with dusky complexion hiding in their bedrooms when people visit, using cosmetics and becoming fair, switching on a bulb and faking bright skin have created an illusion of beauty which equals fair skin, slim body, dark-voluminous hair, and attractive voice which are completely physical aspects of a human body. Not only women but also men in India suffer the same to some extent. Although the tag of ‘tall-dark and handsome’ saves them from the severity of judgments women go through, they have also been a victim of colorism in India.
Shortly after globalization boomed in India and commodity flow increased, the television acted as a vision of utopian beauty for Indian women who purchased expensive cosmetics and other beauty products made for women with fairer skin.

It is only now that the recent development in the endorsement of beauty products is focusing on the Indian skin type. Prioritizing brown skin-friendly products over any other cosmetics and makeup customized for white women has taken over the Indian market.

These have also affected the advertisements and hence trying to bring a change in the definition of beauty. Indian actresses who are brown in color claim their space, promote dusky skin and also endorse brands that focus on creating an identity for oneself rather than being plastic. The beauty industry has recognized that our women are brown and dusky and not white and pale.

Their attempt to provide screen space to models and actresses of all sizes, shapes, and colors is seen as a responsibility that they have taken on their shoulders to bring development in the definition of beauty which should rather be in vision than just a physical gaze at someone. Indian beauty is a lot more than skin, hair, body, and size.

I believe the brown beauty of the Asian type is the most magnificent and radiant skin color which also denotes a healthy lifestyle. The melanin of Indian women is so appropriate, it radiates positivity and confidence like no other. We don’t need any skin serum to bring a glow to our faces, it’s just as natural as it could be. The magnificent brown beauty of India is not just the color of the skin but the evidence of the epitome of beauty that we possess, not only on our faces but also on our souls.

The naturalness of brown beauty is what keeps them young and charming forever. The dusky skin is thus not a bane but a boon, it makes us more confident, radiant, charming, brave and bright, intelligent, and strong to stand against the wrong notions of beauty. The dusky skin tone is one of the most admired skin tones in the world and we need to spread this to women & men, they & them, that they must not hesitate but reflect their charm to the world.

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