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Menstruation And 9 Myths Associated With It

If I ask, what do you mean by myths? What would be your answer? You may say myths are some kinds of stories that are based on tradition and fiction. While there are many myths around us, myths associated with menstruation need to be busted. You’ll be surprised to know that even in this modern era, women and girls do not discuss menstruation. They feel shy and embarrassed about the menstrual cycle. Thanks to the innumerable myths associated with it. 

The myths about menstruation are so deep-rooted that we believe them to be true and necessary. We fail to understand that sticking to these myths can affect a woman’s menstrual health to a great extent. You may have little idea about some of the common misbeliefs and myths associated with menstruation. Today, I am going to share some of those myths along with the facts that one needs to believe. 

1. Menstruation Makes Women Impure

There is no such thing that can make women impure during their periods. It’s just that women bleed for 3-5 days and that has nothing to do with impurity. Menstruation is just nature’s way of saying that a girl is growing and she is okay. Periods aren’t impure and so do the women who go through it. 

2. Women Must Not Enter Kitchen And Religious Places

People believe that menstruating women must not enter religious places and kitchens during their menstruation. People often think that entering these places during menstruation can make the places dirty. 

However, ancient people forbade women from entering these places, as during those days, clothes were scarce. Since women bleed for 3-5 days and didn’t have enough clothes to soak the blood, they were denied entry. This is because people feared that the bloodstains could spread contamination and cause discomfort to the women.

3. Sanitary Products Need To Kept Hidden

Women and girls are often seen hiding their sanitary products as if they were some sort of drug. Credit goes to how our society considers menstruation as a taboo and hush-hush topic. In fact, if you buy sanitary products used by women during menstruation, the shopkeeper will wrap them with newspaper. However, hiding these products tells us that we need to open up and normalize not hiding sanitary napkins.

4. Women And Girls Must Not Cook

This is one of the myths prevalent in many parts of the world. Menstruating women and girls aren’t allowed to cook. People often think that if women cook food while they are on their periods, the food is a disaster. However, it seems that during ancient times, people wanted women to take a rest rather than cook in the kitchen.

5. There Is No Such Thing As ‘Menstrual Cramps’

At times, many people are heard saying that there is no such thing as menstrual cramps. They think that even if a woman is facing discomfort during menstruation, she must not voice it. But the truth is, menstrual cramps exist and can stay as long as women bleed during their menstrual cycle. In fact, a woman hides a menstrual cramp so well that you won’t even get a hint of what’s behind her smile.

6. Touching Flowers Can Lead To Withering

If you still happen to believe in this myth, then you need to know that touching flowers during menstruation is normal. Plucked flowers will anyhow wither as they are no longer attached to a living plant. 

7. A Hot Shower Can Result In Heavy Bleeding

Many people believe taking hot showers during their period as they believe can lead to heavy bleeding. On the contrary, hot showers can actually ease menstrual cramps and make one feel better. Also, it doesn’t alter the bleeding process. One may bleed heavily depending upon diet, hormonal imbalance, and other issues. 

8. Trimming Nails Or Washing Hair During Periods Is A Sin 

One of the prominent myths related to menstruation is trimming nails and washing hair. We fail to understand that trimming nails is just another way of maintaining personal hygiene. It has nothing to do with committing a sin. 

Moreover, washing hair during periods isn’t considered good as it may cause a hormonal imbalance. But this has nothing to do with sin. You may wash your hair while you are on periods and you still won’t end up landing in hell.

9. Bears Can Smell Menstruating Women And Girls

This is one of the ridiculous myths associated with menstruation. People, mostly in rural areas, believe that menstruating girls and women must not go into forests. This is because then the bears may smell them from far away and subsequently attack them. Honestly, this has nothing to do with reality. 

The list doesn’t end here. There are many such myths associated with menstruation and you may find them ridiculous and annoying. Whatever these myths are, we need to leave them behind. We are living in this modern era where myths like this, can pull women back in those age-old customs. Instead of putting restrictions on them during menstruation, we can try to give them love and care. This will not only make them feel better but also comfortable enough to discuss menstruation problems.

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