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Now It Is Time To Be The Boss

It was raining cats and dogs when the lights went off. I was alone in the house with eerie silence and roaring winds outside. I turned on the flash of my phone and went into the kitchen to find some candles and matchsticks. For the first time after moving to Bangalore, I was alone in this house. Mayank had not returned from his work and was not even picking up my call. He didn’t even reply to my texts. I had heard of Bangalore rains and enjoyed them but today something was new. 

Mayank and I tied nuptial knots a few years back. Ours was an arranged marriage and it took us a good time to get to know each other. After getting married, we moved to Pune where we both worked together. Soon, I joined Mayank’s office and we were happy to work at the same place. Mayank is a hardworking and ambitious person. The initial years of our married life went smoothly, despite our occasional arguments and disagreements. 

Since we had completed four years of our happy married life, our family members asked us to have kids. We didn’t want kids so soon as we both wanted to do well in our careers and fulfill our bucket lists. Though our bucket lists differed from each other, one thing was common. We both wanted to reach the top management level in our organization but we never competed among ourselves. 

Last year, we heard that the management was willing to promote one of us to the top management level. I could see Mayank making his way to it. Due to my lesser experience in the field, I thought I was out of the league. I told myself, ‘maybe next time, I can vouch for it.’ Mayank was sure of getting promoted to the role and so was I. Trust me, I could never be happier for him. He too kept encouraging me to work hard and gain as much experience as I could. He promised that the day I received my promotion, he would clap the loudest. 

Mayank too dreamt of sitting in those cabins and attending those meetings. Then came the D-Day. To everyone’s surprise, Mayank was not the one who was promoted. It was I who got promoted. I was shocked as never in my dreams I had thought of this so early. While everyone congratulated me, I could see Mayank looking appalled. He came to my desk and whispered, ‘How could you do this to me Jaya?’

Was it my fault? I know Mayank wanted to have that position but was it really my fault? Well, after all the formalities and congratulatory messages, I went to Mayank’s desk. 

“Mayank, I had no clue of this.”

“Oh really, you had no clue? If only, I had knowledge that you were pursuing the same thing I wanted so dearly,” Mayank whispered back.

“How could you say that to me? You know I was not prepared for this role. I wanted you to have it.”

“Lies. All lies. You were jealous of what I was going to have.”

“Mayank, please don’t say this. Trust me, I could never…”

“Please go to your cabin, Madam. You are now my boss. You can’t come up to me and justify what you have done”.

Heartbroken, I went to the cabin I was supposed to sit in after gaining the new position. That evening when we went home, nothing was like before. We argued. For the first time in these years, Mayank yelled at me. The more I tried to explain the louder he shouted at me. 

“Mayank, stop blaming me. You need to calm down”.

“Why shouldn’t I blame you? You are the one who snatched my dream.”

“Is it? Then, maybe they didn’t see you as a suitable candidate?”

The moment I said these words, I felt a hard slap on my face. For a few seconds, I couldn’t understand what hit my face. My skin went numb and then I felt Mayank’s hand grabbing my wrists like never before. The next moment, I was being dragged to our bedroom. Mayank had grabbed my hair and was hurling abuses at me. 

While I kept pleading with him, he shouted at me. The next day I joined the office as a senior manager and people welcomed me. Mayank and I were not on good terms, neither in the office nor at home. At the office, he would ignore the work assigned to him and at home, he would take out his frustrations on me. 

A few months back, I was transferred to Bangalore. Mayank too requested to accompany me. Not because he wanted to stay with me but he wanted to control and hit me. Even after coming to Bangalore, the abuses didn’t stop. In fact, Mayank often raped me despite being my husband. 

Two months back, I discovered I was pregnant. I thought Mayank will change his habits now. He will have a change of heart. Alas! I was wrong. Last week, after being hit by him, I lost my unborn child. The miscarriage taught me, that Mayank never deserved to be a senior manager or a husband. 

Tonight I am going to put an end to this. Once Mayank returns from office, I will ask him to sign the divorce paper and file a legal complaint against him. Also, I have decided to warn him about his decreased performance in the office. 

Now it is time to be the boss. 

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