People And Their Judgments

Go around the city and you will find numerous people passing judgments about everyone around. Whether it is a couple hanging out in public places, girls laughing and enjoying their time, or a woman minding her own business. Even if you are at grocery shopping, people won’t spare you from their judgments. Right from your fashion choices to whom you are accompanying, you will be judged for anything and everything.        

When I talk about judgments, it means expressing strong disapproval about someone or something. It could be possible that you may not like the way another person is behaving in public or the kind of clothes he/she is wearing. You may have a sense of discomfort. You may express it by either turning away your eyes, sharing an opinion with someone around you, or muttering words to yourself. Things do not seem wrong until you start expressing your disapproval and discomfort through your actions and words in a way the other person finds unpleasant. 

For example, one day while I was shopping, a few men judged my mother who wasn’t with me. They said that my mum must haven’t fed me proper food and therefore, I am short-heighted. Trust me, the men said it purposefully to ensure I hear what they are saying. As long as I was there, they continued passing judgments on the basis of my complexion, height, the model of my mobile phone, and of course the way I was talking to the salesboy. Though I asked them to stop commenting on me and mind their business, they continued to stare at me as if I was new to this planet.

In fact, once my cousin and I were hanging out at the banks of a river and a few boys were judging our characters and passing shrewd comments. They were staring at us while we were busy clicking pictures and talking about sunset, weather, river, and other things. Their judgments and unapologetic stare made me feel as if there’s no safe world for women. 

If you think people judge you on the basis of the company you are having for instance or the way you are carrying yourself in public, then it’s not. 

People don’t stop themselves from judging a working woman returning home late at night. One look at the woman and people judge her character on the basis of the clothes she is wearing or the physical appearance she has. People don’t spare men too when it comes to being judgmental. This could be because some men do things that don’t go well with the patriarchy. A man riding with his sister, friend, or any other female is often judged to be a pervert eloping with his girlfriend. If a man cries or shows his happiness, he is judged for expressing his emotions. A woman traveling in public transport while she is wearing a decent dress is judged for spoiling the culture. Children having fun with their friends are judged for having incompetent parents.

Even though we have made various advancements, most people find it sinful for a girl and boy to spend time together. However, if you are somehow married to someone, no one would object to the same thing. In that case, people judge you for having fun while leaving your children alone at home. They may judge you for showcasing the love and affection between you and your partner. Though you may not realize it in the first place, people’s perspectives and judgments need to change. 

The reason why people judge others could be because of the environment they grew up in or the upbringing they had. Things may seem disapproving when you aren’t used to them or find them unusual. But that shouldn’t become your habit of being judgmental towards people who are living the life they want to. Just because you don’t find things the way you have the habit of seeing them doesn’t mean they are wrong. We need to let our mentality evolve and improve for the betterment of our society. 

Passing judgments that you know may hurt others’ sentiments and portray you as a narrow-minded person needs to be stopped. Moreover, none of us have the authority to judge others on the basis of any parameter. Instead of passing judgments, you can be accepting of the different people you cross your paths with. 

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