Pink Color Is For Girls, Blue Is For Boys…

Imagine, what would a world without colors look like? Or a world that has colors reserved for specific things? For example, Green would only be for leaves and grasses. No other object, living or dead would be in green other than leaves and grasses. If any object tries to be in green color, then that object would be called a leaf or grass? Sounds ridiculous, isn’t it? But do you know it also seems similar to Gender Stereotypes? Wondering how? Well, you just need to look deep into the widespread beliefs in our society.

Believe it or not, the moment children are born, some parents do not stop themselves from assigning colors as per their children’s gender. If it’s a girl, pink would be the default favorite color and if it’s a boy, then he would surely love blue. Even a slight opposite to this theory often grabs unwanted attention. 

When I was in 11th standard, one fine evening, I was returning from the market. I saw a handsome boy walking ahead of me. He was wearing a pale pink t-shirt and black jeans. Soon he met someone he knew. The person who greeted this boy, said, “Why are you wearing this girlish color? Are you trying to be a girl?”

That time, my young mind thought, does wearing pink colors make men less of a man? Now you may think that I am just exaggerating the situation. Maybe he said so jokingly. But then how does wearing a particular color make someone more or less, man or woman?

Maybe this never happened with most of us or maybe we overlooked these things. I agree, there are some colors that reflect feminine and masculine appeal depending upon their shades and tones. But is it that men should never wear pink or any color belonging to the same category and girls should wear pink to be more feminine?

If this is so, then I guess, it should be the same when it comes to nature. I mean the sky seems to be blue most of the time. So is it that the sky isn’t for females and roses aren’t for men, especially the pink ones? Perhaps then, the men and boys shouldn’t eat fruits having hues associated with femininity. We are living in the 21st century with so many developments happening around us. Still, we don’t want to understand the way these gender stereotypes are taking over our thought process.

Instead of complementing one’s fashion sense and ability to carry himself/herself comfortably, we do not think twice before judging that person on the basis of colors. We as humans do not think that one could be feeling happy and confident in particular color clothes and therefore, we should respect that. Just because some of us believe in the notion that pink is exclusively for girls while blue is for boys, doesn’t mean that colors would stop looking good on people irrespective of their gender. 

A pink colored shirt can look as good on a male as it compliments a female. In the same way, blue, black, red, brown, green and the rest of the colors will look good on every other person who chooses to wear them. We are no one to judge a person’s character just because he/she chose to wear something which doesn’t fit as per the parameters and beauty standards set by society. It’s high time when we should accept that no colors are meant to be exclusive for a particular gender. 

The world already has so many gender stereotypes and unnecessary parameters to judge men and women. Believing in something that has no concrete logic and reasons, will only make these things unbreakable. At least, spare the colors as they never discriminate between men and women. Let them look good on whosoever wears them irrespective of his/her gender.

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