Rasam Rice

Rasam Rice

Someone is separating a slice of pizza from its sphere and the cheese is stretching, white and creamy. On the other hand, a barista is decorating the chocolate shake with a handful of white and brown chocolate chips. This self-intriguing activity of watching numerous food vlogs at the midnight went for an hour. This was basically my ‘daily routine’. Like many others, I was never satisfied with the dinner I had and often promised myself to order something tasty the next time. This made this promise even more passionately, if it was Sunday tomorrow.

When I was a student, I had to eat mess food which was served in the hostel for three years. The menu remained the same for all this time. We recognized days by seeing the plates girls used to carry by the buffet before rushing to college. It would be like ‘pohaaa’, Wednesday!!!, ‘tinde again?’ Spoiling our Fridays! And so on!

Certainly, there were some dishes none of us liked, especially at weekends when we wanted to eat something good. But it never happened. Mess staff was our constant enemies. In spite of, whatever they serve, we hated it.

We were served smelly soybean and rotis on Saturday which blew our minds off. Post-dinner we used to sit in one of our friends’ rooms, planning to order some pizzas. Then we waited for our food to arrive and meanwhile bitched about ‘how the mess staff, cook and helpers are ruining our taste buds’. After having a pizza party, we departed to our rooms and a sudden strike went around the mind ‘RASAM RICE!!!!!!’ I know rasam rice is a favorite food for most of the people and so is it for me too. But I dare you to taste the rasam rice of my mess! It is not something you could eat from one to two spoons.

So every Saturday night, I used to scroll on food vlogs on my Instagram and decide what will I have the next day as my meal. I messaged my friends asking them what would prefer, most of them said ‘I’m going out with my boyfriend/friend’ or most of them visited their local guardian. And hence, I was left alone. I struggled all day long for what to order and spent half of the day in this confusion. Later, I went to the mess and picked a plate, poured rasam in the bowl, kept some rice in the corner, and started eating. Cried to my friends about how difficult it was but they said: “that’s you every Sunday”. You and your favorite RASAM RICE and they all laughed.

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The image has been taken from Swad Ka Dabba

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