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Reasons Why Giving Up Is Never A Good Option For Us

We all have been there when we are surrounded by doubt, fear of failure, and lack of self-confidence. This is when things seem to hit a tough road and we think of giving up. No matter how enthusiastically we begin, there is always one point, when we lack motivation. One may think, “I am the only one who feels like giving up”. However, this is not the truth. Even the most motivated and active person in the room may feel like giving up. 

One may seem to be highly motivated and focused towards his/her goals but can still have self-doubts and fears. People often find it difficult to stay optimistic during adverse situations, especially when things go wrong again and again. We may find it too difficult to keep going on. 

Still, there are a few ways that can help us to keep striving for our goals rather than just giving up. Be it trying to lose weight, grow the business, or study to score well, there are reasons to consider. To know what these reasons are, to help us stay focused, even when surrounded by fears & doubts, read on.

1. Good Things Take Time

People who think success comes instantly need to change their opinion. Success is the result of our hard work, determination, and our belief in ourselves. The more we hustle, the sweeter the success. Just because our efforts are not yielding instant results, doesn’t mean we will give up. Instead, we should keep on putting in more and more effort.

2. Failure Brings Lessons

Failures are normal and all of us go through them. No one in this world is able to taste success without facing failure. One may think that failure is the end of everything but it is the time when things actually change. When we fail, we strive even harder and aim for our goals stronger than before. Instead of crying over our failure, we need to take a cue from it and move ahead. 

3. Putting Faith In Our Skills Is Important

Believing in our skills and hard work is important and giving up shows how we underestimate ourselves. Just because things turn out to be a failure, doesn’t mean we need to disregard our skills and abilities. Maybe the timing wasn’t right and therefore, our hard work and efforts didn’t pay off. All we need to do is prove ourselves with the help of our skills, abilities, and capacity. 

4. Success Might Be Right There 

People often give up right before their success. We never realize this but our success can be right after our hardships and struggles. Before us, there have been so many achievers. What if they all had given up just like we are thinking about it? Perhaps then we wouldn’t have seen flights or used bulbs in our houses. No matter what, we need to keep going on until we make our dreams come true. 

5. Life Goes On And So We Should

Even if we fall a hundred times, life never stops. So why should we? There are people who struggle to feed themselves and continue to work hard. As long as we are alive, we should keep going to fulfill our dreams and achieve our goals. We get only one life and if we think, ‘I can’t achieve my goals’, then what’s the point? Imagine living without achieving any goals and fulfilling your dreams.  

6. Problems Make Us Strong

Another reason why giving up is not good is, problems make us strong. Facing problems fill us with determination, perseverance, and strength. People who run away from problems may not be able to face the realities of life in a stronger way. They may grow anxious as soon as they find themselves surrounded by problems. We need to make our mind believe ‘I can do it’ & when we do so, everything can be achieved.

7. Perseverance Counts In

As mentioned above, perseverance also counts. Giving up on something shows how incapable we are to persevere. Things may seem difficult to achieve but that doesn’t mean we will stop striving for it. Even though we get tired and face several hardships, perseverance can always help us in reaching our destination. Being persistent in our hard work is essential for us.

8. We Owe It Ourselves

All of us owe success and contentment to ourselves. We should think of why in the first place we dreamt of achieving this goal. Everyone once steps out of his/her comfort zone & when he/she does so, looking back shouldn’t be an option. Stopping halfway is no less than depriving ourselves of the happiness and success we deserve. We should remind ourselves that our destination awaits us and therefore, we must not give up.

Though we may have hundreds of reasons to give up, there’s always one reason that asks us not to. Finding that one reason can help us in keeping negative thoughts at bay and focusing on our goals. We, humans, are the strongest and wisest creature that has ever lived on this planet. Giving up shouldn’t be in our dictionary. Our struggle shapes us as strong people. Therefore, it is good to struggle and make ourselves proud.

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