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Millennials today have created a world of their own on social media which reflects their life. From the food you’re eating at a restaurant to a break-up you have gone through, everything is on your social media platform. One’s social media account is a follow-up to what’s happening in one’s life. But one of the most striking features nowadays is the display of relationships. It could be someone constantly posting about their love life, marriage, break-ups, etc. Looking at these posts I often get mixed feelings many would relate to. This jumble of social media and display of relationships at times hits us hard and we often get driven by it. Some of them are-


Since the pandemic hit the world, all of a sudden social media became a place where all the attention was gathered. As Bollywood is the utopia for Indians, closely observing the lives of celebrities became the best time pass. This was followed by the weddings of the celebrities. With no relation to them, the audience on social media was so engaged that waiting for their wedding news, seeing their pictures, costumes and everything related to their wedding became a haul. One of the most recent weddings on social media was Alia- Ranbir’s and Katrina- Vicky’s which made the social media go crazy behind them. People started re-creating Katrina’s and Alia’s wedding look, doing make-up and decorations and what not.

But not everything is good about celebrity weddings on social media. This display of their weddings and relationships keeps the audience engaged but also harms their peace. One might get irritated seeing the same photo on everyone’s profile with hashtags such as #truelove #crush #amazingcouple.

It is social media that alters human brains to think in a way that is completely different from the actual great Indian wedding. The relationship displayed on the social media of these celebrities is not as real as the weddings that we engage in. Thus, it must be our consensus that should allow us to not compare our relationship and wedding to those of social media celebrity weddings.


PDA is the public display of affection which earlier meant hugging, kissing, or showing any kind of affection to your lover in a physical public place. But in present times, we can say that the digital display of affection is also a form of PDA.

We often find people posting images and videos on social media accounts showing affection toward their lovers. These people choose a way to express their feelings as they might like the fact that others are also appreciating their affection.

Many people on the other hand try to keep their private or love life out of the virtual world. I feel both are correct. It must be the person and their way of expression which should matter the most. Often dealing with the words like creep or cringe, we relate it to the PDA on social media that the couples display. Social media platforms work as a book with chapters of one’s life, some good and some not so good.

If the part of the chapter has love in your life and you want to keep it private it’s your choice. Similarly, if you want the world to know about it, it’s fine too.

Social media is often termed as fake, manipulative & utopian but at the same time, it is a reality we live in. I believe that the vision of relationships displayed on social media should be looked upon with an understanding that helps us deal with our love and our lives before we contrast and compare it with others’ love and life.

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