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Some Advice For My 23-Years-Old Self

At times I think about the advice I would give to my 23-years-old self. When I was about to graduate, I was so naive yet confident. I am so different from what I used to be when I was 23. I was eager to start my first job, explore places, meet new people, find my soulmate, and so on. Though I still have similar goals to achieve, my personality changed so much. I am no longer the same naive and aggressive person I used to be. 

At 23, I had big dreams in my eyes- I still have them. I was feisty pant and believed life would not throw any more lemons at me. I adored some of my friends so much that even my teachers complained about it. People who knew that girl will nod to what I mentioned. But here I am with my baggage of troubles, stress, and lifelong lessons. Yet I am thankful for what life brought to me. 

If I meet my 23-years-old self, I would advise her about so many things. I want to advise her because, I believe, 23 is the age when we start gaining maturity. It is the time when most of us graduate. We begin our work life and start earning or pursuing a Master’s degree. We leave behind our comfort zone and set out to explore places and ourselves.

So here is the advice I would give to my younger self. I would educate her about the below-mentioned things. 

1. Eat Healthy Food

I wish I knew the consequences of eating unhealthy food and took them seriously. It is not that I always had unhealthy and junk food, I often took a healthy diet for granted. Guess who is having hair fall and poor eyesight! Though I started focusing more on healthy food after completing my undergraduate degree, I wish I had started a bit earlier. Today when I see young girls and boys avoiding fruits, green vegetables, brown rice, etc., I pity them.

2. Work Hard To Build Your Career

When I was 21 years old, I often dreamt of having a flourishing career and I still dream of the same. Back then, I didn’t work hard to make that happen. I used to study for the sake of good grades and to make my parents happy. Little did I know that the path toward a bright and successful career is full of thorns and obstacles. Though I often heard people saying how hard they had to work, it is now I am living the same thing. 

Trust me, sincerity and consistency matter more than your intelligence.

3. Life Can Put You Through Hardships At Any Time

During my early 20s, life was not as tough as today. I was scoring good marks, had a good time with my parents, and never knew life could take a sudden U-turn. After going through depression, heartbreak, deceptions, and failures, I have learned life can be harsh. You never know when it will pull the rug out under your feet. You may not have the slightest idea of what’s ahead. So, stop believing that you will always be God’s favorite child.   

4. Invest And Gain Financial Knowledge

In a few years, I will be turning 30, and now I realize how important it is to invest money. I wish I had started investing my money while I was still in college. Not only this, having sound knowledge of finance is something I regret not having when I was 23. Being a science student, I never understood how important it is to have financial knowledge. Now that I have understood it, I am trying my best to gain as much as I can. 

5. It’s Okay To Have Different Opinions

Since no two humans are the same, they may have different opinions, and there is nothing wrong with it. It is okay to see things from a different perspective and give your views on them. There could be times when people may disagree with what you say. If your heart says it is right, you don’t have to feel low. Maybe next time you can have an opinion, people will agree.

6. Overthinking Can Cause Harm

Only if I could travel back in time, I would have asked the younger me to stop overthinking. Trust me, overthinking can never benefit you and your future. It will cause harm to you in many ways. You may develop expectations that may not get fulfilled and break your heart. Instead of overthinking, try to work on your dreams and yourself. 

7. Avoid Pleasing Others

Pleasing others is never a good thing to do. You may not know this, pleasing others will often make you sacrifice your happiness and mental peace. People may not care about you but they will feed on your self-respect, peace of mind, and aspirations. If it feels right to your heart, it doesn’t need validation from others. You are not responsible for why people are unhappy unless they aren’t your parents, partner, or children. 

8. Do Not Waste Your Time On Someone Who’s Playing With You

Being with someone who is not ready to commit to you doesn’t deserve your love and care. There is no point in investing your time, energy, and emotions in someone who doesn’t care about you. I wish my 23-years-old self had learned to differentiate between a true friend and a mouth-friend. Today when I look back, I pity myself for befriending wolves under sheep’s skin. Trust me, they consume your productive energy to a great extent. 

9. Read More Books

This is one of the things I would always want to advise my younger self. Reading books daily is one of the best habits one can cultivate. It nobly impacts your life and makes you knowledgeable and humble. It keeps you away from excessive usage of mobile and social media platforms and gives you a different perspective. 

Apart from this, I wish my younger self knew it is okay to not be able to make it. Things may take time but that doesn’t mean you are a loser unless you keep thriving. The 20s are not the same for everyone. Some may taste success at the early stage of their life, others may have a hard time becoming successful. In short, your 20s aren’t about being perfect, it is about being your best and never giving up. 

So what advice would you give to your younger self and why? Tell me, in the comment section below. 

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