Some Little Things That Can Make You Happy

People often go around complaining they don’t find happiness, no matter how hard they try. Oh no, please don’t presume that I will be giving a lecture on finding happiness. People think that getting a decent job, buying a house, marrying your love, etc, bring happiness. However, there are many other things also that can always make you happy. These things may not be a major incident or play a significant role in your life. These could be things that you may not notice even though they are evident. All I want to say is there are certain little things that can make you happy. 

If you are wondering what those little things are that can make you happy, then scroll down the article to read on. 

1. Watching Sunrise And/Or Sunset

Whether or not you are an early-riser, watching a sunrise is something that can always make you happy. After all what could be more beautiful than seeing the tangerine sun peeping from trees? Similarly, there are people who find contentment in watching the sunset and the beautiful evening sky. Even if you are having a bad time, watching sunrise and sunset can bring you some happy and positive moments. 

2. Fitting In Your Old And Favorite Denim

I can bet that nothing matches the happiness of fitting into your old and favorite denim. You may always try to maintain your body shape and look fit. For this, you may follow a well-tailored diet plan and exercise regularly while keeping an eye on your body’s measurements. Amidst all this, fitting into your old clothes can make you happy like never before.

3. Finding Out You Can Sleep For Some More Time

Are you also the one who snoozes a series of alarm and end up getting late to work, school or college? For people like you, one of the best feelings is waking up and finding there’s enough time to sleep more! Isn’t it? Whether you wake up an hour before or at the midnight, knowing that you can sleep more, is bliss.

4. Running Into An Old Friend

How many times have you wanted to meet your old friend from your school days but couldn’t meet him/her? Well, it’s really sad to be unable to meet your friends but what could be better than running into them? Just imagine the excitement, love, and all those memories surging high in you after seeing your friend. I am sure you won’t be able to let off him/her and would want to talk and laugh your heart out. No matter how upset or frustrated you are, you’ll definitely feel happy and lively for a while. 

5. The Smell Of A New Book

Bibliophiles will always relate to the wonderful smell that comes out from the pages of a new book. Even if you aren’t a book lover, you will agree that the smell of a new book is really delightful. It can fix your bad mood in just no time! 

6. Hearing One Of Your Favourite Songs On The Radio

Imagine you’re busy at work or heading to your office in a car & your favorite song comes on the radio. You will definitely find yourself taking a break and enjoying the song. In fact, you may find yourself in a cheerful mood and humming the song. 

7. The Petrichor After A Long Sunny Week

We all await rain when it becomes too hot and humid. The rain not only gives us relief from the heat but also brings petrichor. Now those who don’t know what is petrichor, it is the smell when rain first hits the dry ground. I am sure you will agree that whenever it rains after a long time, the smell is really soothing and satisfying. It undoubtedly reduces the stress level and makes us happy.

8. Snuggling Into Your Sundried Blanket On A Winter Evening

Nothing can match the comfort and warmth of snuggling into a sundried blanket during chilly winter days. After all, it not only feels warm but also cozy and comforting. It will make you so happy that you may want to stay there for the entire day. Psst… So, this winter, you know what to do.

9. Finding A Window Seat

How many times did you wish to board public transport to find a window seat to sit on? I think all of us can relate to this. Irrespective of what your age is, you will always want to sit on a window seat. In fact, there is nothing wrong or childish in wishing to get a window seat. After all, it is a retreat to the eyes, especially if you are traveling alone.

10. Sleeping On A Bed Having Fresh Bedsheet

Hands down to climbing on a bed with a fresh and clean bedsheet. It indeed is so satisfying and delightful that you just can’t deny it. No matter how tired you are, a freshly tucked bedsheet on your bed can take away half of your tiredness. It is one thing that will make you happy no matter what. 

11. Changing Into Your Comfy Clothes After A Long Exhaustive Day

Coming home and changing into your comfy clothes is still one of the best things. It not only gives you comfort but lets you be who you are. You may go around in formal clothes and attend client meetings, classes and work hard in the office. But nothing can match the relief that your comfy clothes provide you once you put them on.

12. Getting A Cheesy And Good Slice Of Pizza

People say, “Money can’t buy happiness”. But money can always help you buy mouth-watering pizza. Whether or not you are a fitness freak, you just cannot deny that a cheesy and good slice of pizza is bliss. Moreover, no one can deny that a cheesy pizza can always fix your mood and bring happiness to you. Be it your bitter breakup, success party, or a painful period, a slice of pizza is what you need.

13. Finding Money In Your Pocket You Forgot Long Before

Did you ever slipped your hand into your old denim’s pocket and found the money you forgot about? Whether it is a small or big amount, finding the money you hid long before will certainly make you happy. It would be no wrong to say that you may feel richer and would want to spend your newly-found money well. 

The list doesn’t stop here. You can get happy after seeing your pet showering love upon you or a kid smiling at you. There are many such things that can make you happy even during your darkest time. 

Though happiness comes from within, it is really beautiful to know how certain little things make us happy. All you need to do is find happiness in things that help you forget your miseries and problems for a while. 

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