Suicidal Thoughts

7 Subtle Suicidal Thoughts People May Have

Depression can do worse for people. It can destroy one’s life in the most brutal way with no way of coming back. There are people who successfully sail through the depression and block the road to the same. On the other hand, there are people who may start having suicidal thoughts. If you think suicidal thoughts mean, “I don’t want to live” or “I want to end my life”, then you’re wrong.

Suicidal thoughts can also be subtle and may not include words such as ‘die’ or ‘end of life’. People around you may have various suicidal thoughts and you may not notice the same. Below are some subtle suicidal thoughts that your loved ones may have. Go through them, before it is too late.

1. “Nobody Loves Me”

People having suicidal thoughts are often surrounded by loneliness and helplessness. They have a constant fear that nobody loves them and they are unwanted. For them, even the slightest ignorance can seem more than a brutal heartbreak. So, if you hear a person constantly mentioning that nobody loves them, you need to make them believe otherwise.

2. “I Am A Disappointment To My Family”

One of the major signs of suicidal thoughts is that people think they are not good enough for their family members. They have the notion that they can never be good for their parents and loved ones. Their failed attempt to fulfill the expectations and standards set by their family could be one of the reasons. Repetitive comparison and toxic criticism can make one feel that they are a disappointment to their families.

3. “I Feel Trapped And Unable To Find A Way Out”

There are instances when one could be surrounded by lots of problems. While others may find a way out or stay calm, others might feel overwhelmed and trapped. They may find themselves helpless and unable to tackle the problems going on in their lives. You may hear them saying, I can’t deal with this. The never-ending problems in their lives can make them desperate to put an end to the agony. This is when they may express a subtle suicidal thought which may go unnoticed.

4. “Sleep Never Gives Me Relief From The Trauma I Am Going Through”

People usually prefer to take a nap when they are going through a lot. After all, sleep relaxes one’s nerves and helps one take a sigh from the suffering. But there can be people around you, for whom sleep may not be the same. They may not have a sound sleep. In fact, sleeping could be a difficult thing for them because of the storm going inside them.

5. “My Future Seem So Dark And Uncertain”

Not everyone who complains of his/her uncertain future is confused. Some people might be surrounded by suicidal thoughts. Since they are unable to find a hope they can hold on to, they may feel their future holds nothing. They may have no enthusiasm and optimism left in them. Or maybe, they have gone through so much that they can’t see the good in the bad. 

6. “Nobody Can Be Happy When I Am Around”

People who are having suicidal thoughts may believe that people around them can’t be happy. In case, something happens to their loved ones, while they are around, they may feel they are the reason. This could be because they feel their destiny is really very unfair to them and they can’t keep people happy. Though this isn’t any big issue, it may lower their self-esteem and positivity towards life. 

7. “I Can’t Take It Anymore”

This thought can be one of the biggest signs that the person is not going through a good time. No doubt, in life, we often feel that problems are taking over us and we can’t deal with them. It is obvious for people to get annoyed, tired, and frustrated with the problems going around them. But that doesn’t mean you can’t deal with your problems. 

If you happen to be around someone who is constantly saying the above-mentioned things, pay attention. The person could be in need of some help, compassion, and support. Let your depressed friends, family members, and colleagues know that you understand their problems. And that they are not alone.

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