Sunday Revisit: A Bag Full Of Memories

It is 8:00 AM in the morning, the year 2009. A fine Sunday of August, little rainy and little warm. Your mom isn’t rushing but you still want to get up because Takeshi’s Castle starts at 9:00 AM and you can’t miss a bit of it. There’s chole-puri in the breakfast and your father is home so all your incomplete demands are going to get fulfilled today. You have to arrange your bookshelves and cut your nails before mommy shouts at you and you can’t miss the Sunday special movie at POGO too. So much to do in one single day but still so beautiful to remember when you look back to it.

I believe that 90s kids have had the best time than one could have. We’re the blend of the desi shikanji and the western mojito. It was the time when video games came into the trend but we still had enormous outdoor games. The only age group of children belongs to the 20th century i.e., the 1990s, and still growing up in the 21st century. Through this beautiful journey from that to this, we’ve experienced everything at its best. Be it the cartoon shows, TV dramas, songs, albums, Bollywood movies, or the food, we have a beautiful lane of memories.

I remember my Sundays went through watching cartoons all day long. I used to switch two to three channels at a time so that I shouldn’t miss any show. The classic shows were The Tom and Jerry Show, Richie Rich and Courage, The Cowardly Dog. I was in fact afraid of watching Courage the Cowardly Dog at night as it scared me but I loved how Eustace said “nasamjh doggie tumne mujhe cartoon bana diya!”. My other favorite cartoons show included Oswald, Bob the Builder, and Noddy. Although Shin Chan and Hagemaru came a little later I liked watching them too. All my childhood I admired Jiya from Shararat and thought of a college similar to hers.

On my holidays, I used to make crafts that I’ve been watching previously on ART ATTACK and M.A.D. I also asked for materials that were never available at home. I sometimes think how creative we tried to be when there was no internet to fetch ideas, no google images to copy, and no YouTube videos to learn from. The mind was much more creative back then. Things used to get stuck in our minds and always popped out when we needed an idea. We copied dance steps from actresses dancing in the songs and did it exactly the same way in functions. The source was limited but we never felt it.

My cousins, friends, children in my apartment society, and often re-created the shows we watched. We played MUM-TUM AUR HUM, Roadies, and Takeshi’s castle, destroying the bedrooms simultaneously. Our parents yelled when they found us wet in sweat with ruined pillows and bedsheets which were not on the bed. Those days were so frolicking.

My cousins and I used to collect money and buy snacks from the nearby shop for our “Tent Parties”. We got Cheetos, Dip-Trix, Bytes, Uncle Chips and Hajmola (tamarind flavor) with Kurkure always being the compulsory one. Sometimes, when we went out of control, our parents told us to sit and do some activity. So we got chart papers, sparkles, ice cream sticks, and colors and taught each other the things we learned in our schools. The outcome was certainly not that fulfilling always.

Today when I look back at those times, I feel I am the luckiest to take birth in that time span. For me, most of the beautiful things happened during that era. I often google my favorite cartoon shows, watch their episodes and laugh the same as I did in my childhood.

Even today, I still remember all the songs, actually, I never forgot them. A lot of new chips and chocolates are there in the market. Still, I try to find my favorite snacks on some e-commerce sites in the hope of finding the same taste again. We have the internet today, a lot more engagements than we had earlier, and a lot more ideas for entertainment. But nothing will ever match that easy, chole-puri and barbie movie Sunday of my early childhood.

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