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The Time When She Was A Small-Town Girl

Living in metropolitan cities, skyscrapers, glittering nightlife, fine dining, designer furniture, etc. are things I can afford today. But life is not a bed of roses. Sipping my coffee and staring at the beautiful tower outside my window, I often conceit my journey to this destination. It’s just one life. The same life I was born into and am living now. However, at times it seems that it was my past life when all the grinding happened. Your life changes in a couple of years which initially may feel like forever to change.

If you look back, it seems as if it was yesterday when you dreamed of having what you have today. In the assiduity of work, we tend to forget everything we look around is so hard-earned. I sometimes look at the photo-frame hanging on my wall, recalling when my life turned to a new road.

Growing up in a small town, I never felt small, deprived, or being in any kind of disadvantage. My dreams were never small. I never waited for someone to come and rescue me from my problems or help me reach another step towards my goals. At school, I studied well and also dedicated my time to the preparation for my aspirations. There were people who looked down upon me and told me, “You would never make it”. At times, they even tried to convince me that whatever I wanted was too much and not worthy but I built the wall so high, their voices couldn’t be heard. I focused on everything I could do.

Trust me, it’s easy to let go of your dreams and get convinced by the milieu but difficult to hold on to your aspirations when there’s so much distraction. It felt like I’m making a house of cards and a sweep of breeze would destroy it all. So, I closed all the doors and windows, sat in sweat until I was ready for the next level. All that sweat, blood, sleepless nights, & sacrifice are the tests of the nature, to test your passion towards your aim.

When I moved to a new city, alone on the roads, in the market, and crowded bus with people pushing me, I was falling behind. I realized this is the time I have to stand strong and hold myself up. Tearing the crowd apart, I walked past. There were people who looted my money, cheated on me, falsely maligned my name & tried to harm me. However, some treated me like a gem, gave me blessings, and motivated my core out of my body. Today, I want to thank them both.

I could have never become this cautious and vigilant, aware and watchful towards everything that I have and wished for. My precision is an outcome of the bad moments that I have had. I sought motivation & blessings from people who helped me pull up when I didn’t recognize, I was breaking down. People who taught me, I am enough & much more than anything bothering me, people who taught me to stand up again after a fall, sweep the dust off my palms and rise/shine.

Today whenever I see a young girl, all by herself holding together everything, I remember my days. I recall myself as a small-town girl in the city, making my space in this big city with millions of people in it. It’s not your clothes, your limited resources, your non-branded stuff, or the small place you’ve rented in the big city. It is your big-bog confidence and the sparkle in your eyes my dear. They see your confidence, your perseverance, and your dedication towards your goal. And no one can take away what is destined to be yours.

A former small-town girl.

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