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The Undying Hope For A Better Tomorrow

If we believe that tomorrow will be better, we can bear a hardship today. Seems like a motivational quote, isn’t it? My gestures show that I am completely doing fine while the world is burning behind my back, but that’s not the truth. At the end of the day, I always wish not to hear any bad news tomorrow. Yet, I get to hear and see the pangs of separation now and then. Still, I wish not to hear any unpleasant news, and hopefully, I wait for another sunrise to spread warmth and positivity. 

It won’t be wrong to say that at times, I feel like being in a complete state of denial. You must be wondering how? I’ll tell you. For instance, during my online classes, I feel that my teachers are teaching the usual thing. The video calls to my loved ones make me feel the same, eating and cooking at home tastes the same but deep down in my heart I know, it’s not the same at all. Every night, I face the truth, the bitter truth!

The reason why I feel things aren’t the same even when they seem to be is because of numerous reasons. Those classes which I attended in the classroom were full of people sitting and making indistinct chattering. Hugging and kissing my loved ones and feeling their skin was way lovelier than seeing them on a screen. Eating outside had a purpose behind it. Be it a date, a post-movie lunch, or a dinner with someone you want to spend some good time with.

It was all about people being surrounded by people. If tomorrow is not getting better, I just wish it does not get worse.  Though I never wish to stay away from my loved ones, I never wish them to go so far that I can’t see them ever again. While I am waiting for this seemingly never-ending pandemic to get over, many of you must be waiting to visit the college for the first time, travel to your bucket list destination, attend your favorite cousin’s wedding and just be active as you were. I wish for the pre-pandemic life that included running faster to catch the morning bus, swallowing your food just to save time, doing fieldwork just before the deadline, preparing a dress for that Saturday party at a friend’s house, going on a blind date, or kissing your love interest.

While we are waiting to move ahead, we are leaving behind so many things. It’s sad to realize that some friends will never be a part of any public gatherings now. The oldest member of the family will no longer head the festivals, specialty dishes won’t be made by the lady of the family, some rituals will never be fulfilled by the male member in the family and the list goes on. While I write this not-so-short note, I pray for mine and your hard times, the hardships of our countrymen and the whole world, for losing the loved ones who will never come back. I hope things get better. The sun will shine in the same way as it did before things got messed up. Till then, stay safe and pray as this too shall pass.

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