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It was July 2017, when I went to Delhi for my undergraduate studies in a renowned central university. Just like any other student; I always believed that studying in that university would give me a lot of exposure as the place is full of opportunities. I knew that I was about to bring so many good and positive changes to my life. But little did I know that it would not just be college but everything that I’m going to experience in my upcoming years. This was the moment I realized, my college had a lot to offer me and so had the things going on beyond the classroom too. 

When my college started, I met people across the country studying in the same classroom. Instead of having my first interaction with my batchmates, I interacted with seniors. These seniors were the ones who gave me some very important lessons in my life. My seniors at college were the most beautiful people I met. In the very beginning, I felt so comfortable with my immediate seniors, that we started hanging out together.  They used to crack jokes, share food and took us to some very beautiful places in Delhi. It would be no mistake to say that they were more like a family away from our real families.  

This became one of the reasons why I started to enjoy living there. At fests and functions, they guided us on how to run a two-day long event, handle the stage and appear in the classroom with ready-to-submit assignments the next day. They taught me how to manage fun and studies together.

I also met a super-senior who was in the final year. But that one-year connection turned out to be one of the beautiful things that I would cherish forever. Our bond is like that of a mother-daughter. She still gives surprise visits to me and when she does, she cooks food for me and treats me well. With her, I feel that we’ve been together since I was born. She taught me the art of making relations as strong as blood relations and which would last till eternity. 

I have got seniors who always motivated me during their stay at college. Even now, after graduating, they keep motivating me. Once they visited college just to spend time with us. We all spent hours talking on casual things at a small food joint near our college. It isn’t that they were free. They in fact, took out some time from their busy lives and dedicated it to us, especially to me. They taught me that we must take out time and spend it with people with whom we feel lively. 

Today, when we are all staying at different places and way ahead of the past that we had together; neither do I forget them nor the values they imparted in me. They never actually taught. It’s just that their perspective towards life, passion, career and happiness inspired me. We all have seniors who’ve helped us, loved us, made us laugh and showed us paths for a better future. 

Through this blog, I thank all the seniors everywhere to just be. Your existence matters. May our bond grow stronger and deeper. Cheers!!!

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