Time To Binge-Watch And Chill

If I ask you, what is that one thing you love to do on weekends? How do you utilise your free-time? Do you workout, dance, go for a walk, read books or binge-watch? Wait, did I mention binge-watch? Your mind might have started thinking about some wonderful series and movies. I am pretty sure, you must have a long list of series and movies to binge-watch on weekends or during holidays. After all, these are pretty engaging and entertaining. Perhaps, that’s why most of us (including myself) take subscriptions to some online streaming platforms. But why am I talking about it?

Before I answer this question, just take a moment to ask yourself, do you think it is worth it to sit back and binge-watch while keeping your important work and assignments aside? Isn’t that people belonging to the 18-32 age are going through a crucial part of their lives? Yes, ours is an important age where people work hard to make their career and achieve their goals. 

By saying so, I mean that this is the time when we need to focus on building our careers and making the best of it. Watching an episode or two after a hectic day isn’t wrong. The problem arises when we sit to complete the entire series in one night while being a couch-potato. Moreover, these series are made in a way that once you watch an episode, it’s hard to control your horses. No matter how hard you try, your mind will insist you to complete the series, even if it’s 4 am!! 

Only a few of us would be able to resist the temptation to close the app and sleep or complete important work. But those who continue to binge-watch, may complain for having dark-circles, headaches or fatigue. Apart from these, one loss you may not realise is of wasting your precious time. You could have utilised the entire time in giving yourself a relaxing sleep or learning an important lesson. 

Since I am myself in the league of subscribers to online streaming platforms, I often calculate the amount of time needed to complete particular series. There have been times, when I myself have watched some series. Thankfully, I never binge-watched them. Maybe because I love my sleeping time and have a strong commitment towards my work-life. Still, at times, I watch one or two episodes in a day. But then my mind often tells me I could have done something productive.

We need to understand that we are now clinched on to series and movies so much so that we forget important work. We not only binge-watch, but also eagerly wait for the next season to release. As soon as the trailer or teaser releases, we leave all our work to watch and share the experience with our friends. Our generation has started believing in the notion that binge-watching is cool and makes us progressive. But this isn’t the truth.

While binge-watching, we never fear from the deadline or examination drawing nearer. We go on to curse our luck or bad-mouth our bosses for tight schedules. But we never talk about how we binge-watched and killed our precious time. We often hear people saying binge-watch and chill. But is it really the time for us to sit and chill? 

I don’t say that being in your 20s and early 30s should mean all work and no rest. What I mean to say is chilling at the price of keeping your career and health at stake is a risky path. Life is never a bed of roses and therefore, we need to stop pretending the same. Series and movies would never disappear into the thin air but our career and health may get ruined for sure. Instead of regretting, it is better that we plan things accordingly. Spoilers may ruin your mood for an instance and that’s okay. Spoilers have nothing much to do with your future. Let the entertainment be what it is rather than making it a priority.

So the next time your mind says, it’s time to binge-watch and chill, think again.

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  1. Since internet services has eased in our country, this new trend has emerged out of no where which has both the sides of a coin. Anyway it must be the one to hold horses.

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