What Can Bring Long-Term Happiness In Your Life

What makes you happy? Is it the beautiful flowers, shopping, spending time with friends, or eating your favorite meal? But is your happiness dependent on others? Well, there are many who depend on people around them. You may find it weird but there are people whose happiness and mood depend upon their social circle. These people will be happy only if they are surrounded by fun-loving people.

For an instance, you may think that in order to stay happy, one definitely needs to be with positive people. Of course, people with a positive approach towards life, make us feel lively. They fill you with their positive vibe and make you feel elated. But what if you don’t meet these types of people very often?

In that case, will you be miserable and unhappy? Will you feel bored and low just because you aren’t with someone who is the life of the party? One may feel frustrated and annoyed if he/she isn’t with the right kind of people. That’s another case as this may seldom happen. You may come across people who are narcissistic, over-critical, or self-centered. But this won’t suck up your entire contentment. You may feel better after you move away from them. 

The problem arises when you feel miserable even when you are with people who are positive. By saying so, I mean to say, you may not feel happy even when you are with the right kind of people. These right kinds of people could be your friends, well-wishers, cousins, siblings, etc. You know these people quite well and often look forward to spending a good time with them. But even when you are with them and still can’t feel good and delighted, then something could be wrong. 

This happens mostly when you give the key to your happiness to others. Remember the saying, “In order to love someone, you need to love yourself”. This isn’t just a mere quote. How can you expect a person to make you happy, when you don’t do it on your own? 

One may come and entertain you for an instance. The person may make you smile and laugh at his/her jokes. You may contradict what I said. But before that ask yourself, do you keep laughing even when that person isn’t around you? You need to understand that happiness is a state of mind which may change depending upon the situation you’re in. But that doesn’t mean, you won’t be happy if you stay alone, have a tight schedule, or don’t see your loved ones. You may still be happy and calm. By saying this, I mean, you feel good, positive, motivated, and satisfied.

You won’t feel that your life is messed up and nobody loves and cares for you. But if this is not the case with you, then ask yourself, how many times do you make yourself happy? When was the last time, when you enjoyed your ‘me-time or had lunch all alone and still felt good? People who always expect others to make them happy, may not feel good in the long run. These people may get easily bored, upset, and annoyed. They may want others to do something exciting so that they feel better. 

They need to understand, it is them who can make them happy in the long run. Remember, no other person in this world can make you happy when you yourself sabotage your happiness. Instead of asking someone to crack a joke or do something exciting, work on finding your happy state of mind. Do things that bring peace, stability, and comfort to you. 

For some people, it could be watching a movie, or writing down their feelings. If I talk about myself, reading stories, watching Harry Potter and writing makes me extremely happy. Even if I am surrounded by crises, doing these three things can make things better for me.

Whatever it is, nobody can know what makes you feel good, unless you do it on your own. So, before looking for happiness in people around you, find it in yourself. When you do so, you will be happy, irrespective of what kind of people are around you. In fact, your mind and soul will thank you for doing so. 

After all, the key to your happiness should always be in your hands. The moment you give the key to others, they may manipulate or misuse it as per their wish. So, be the wiser person and work on making yourself happy.

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