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What Is A Serial Dater & 7 Signs To Watch

In today’s era of online dating, finding someone to date is not difficult. All you need is to install a dating application and make your profile on it. After that, you can find various potential matches for you, and then the ball will be in your court. But we cannot deny that in this era, there are a few more problems than the traditional dating scenarios. One such problem is Serial Daters. If you have heard this term for the first time, then don’t feel that you are the only one. Many people don’t realize that they are in a relationship with a serial dater. 

As the name suggests, a serial dater is someone who has dated several people in a short time. Most of the time, serial daters date a person for a few weeks or a month or two. These people hardly fall in love. In fact, they love the idea of falling in love with different people at different times. In simpler words, serial daters enjoy the feeling of dating different people. For them, ‘commitment’ and ‘serious relationships’ may not come easily. 

Serial daters may love their first dates but this doesn’t stop them. They may admire their second and third date too. They would go on to love their fourth and subsequent dates as well. These people will jump from one relationship to another, once they get to know each other. At times, people fail to understand if they were dating a serial dater and cry their eyes out. This is because, your serial dater partner may ghost you, call it off all of a sudden or find any other way to dump you. Either way, you will be left heartbroken and lonely. 

To be honest, it is not easy to spot a serial dater. But a few telltale signs can definitely help you. 

Signs Of Serial Dater

In order to help you with this, I have listed down some signs that can help you in understanding if you are dating a serial dater. Read on:

1. They Are Exceptionally Charming

Serial Daters are quite charming. You may find them hard to resist. This is because these people are always on their toes to chase and date different people. They can easily master the art of wooing people. They will do all sorts of things to impress you in a short span of time. 

2. They Seek For Physical Intimacy

These people stay in a relationship just for a short time. So, they are always on their toes to have physical intimacy. They will take things quite fast and soon you will find yourself making out. When you deny, they may give you tons of reasons why it’s time to take things to the next level.

3. They Don’t Want To Talk Much About Life And Dreams

It is obvious that when you begin dating someone, you may want to know everything about each other. They may try to ignore talking about life and dreams or give vague answers. The only thing they want is to know about you and disclose lesser information about them. In fact, they may break up when you try hard to know about them. 

4. They Hardly Put Efforts In The Relationships

Serial Daters will hardly put any effort to strengthen the relationship and make it healthy. However, they give their best when trying to woo someone and create physical intimacy. But they would never put effort into making you feel happy or keep the spark alive. It will always be you who works on the relationship and makes efforts. 

5. They Are Busy Checking Out People Every Time

Even when you are with a serial dating partner, you will find him/her checking out other people. This is because serial daters are always up for finding someone better than their current dating partner. Upon being asked, they may make some lame excuses but they won’t stop checking out people around. They will, in fact, go on to make you feel jealous as it interests them. 

6. They Don’t Seem To Enjoy The Dates

Serial Daters hardly enjoy the dates as they either want to have physical intimacy or would check out others. Moreover, they are never seriously into any person, nor put effort into any relationship. They may enjoy the first few dates while they try to know you and proceed towards physical intimacy. But after a few dates, they may seem distant and cold.

7. They Hardly Open Up

One of the other tell-tale signs of serial daters is they hardly open up to people around them. They will give you no-to-little information about themselves but would try to know more and more about you. Even if you try your best, these people will keep things to themselves. 

Now that you have known who serial daters are and what are signs to look for, it is important to handle them. However, there’s no rulebook on how you can deal with serial daters, you can still pay attention to the signs. When you enter into a relationship, try to talk about what you are looking for. Be clear about your expectations from the relationship and ask for the same.

If you are with a serial dater, you need to understand he/she may not settle down easily. So, before things get serious in the relationship, be honest with each other. You may tell him/her that you are looking for a stable relationship and thus, you don’t want a fling. This way you may save yourself from heartbreak and misery. 

In addition to this, always remember that a serial dater won’t dump you because you aren’t good. In fact, he/she may dump you as he/she wants to chase other people and be with them. Even if you are a good partner, he/she would go on to date somebody. So, there’s no point in blaming yourself.

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