What Is Self-Love: It’s Importance & How To Practice It

We all of us have heard people saying, “Love yourself” but how many times do we actually follow it? To be honest, self-love is one of the best things that we can do for ourselves. It is all about giving yourself the love that has kindness, compassion, peace, and patience. But then the question arises, how do we do self-love? While we hear people asking us to indulge in self-love, we may often take it as a day at a spa or buying things for ourselves. However, self-love is much more than this. 

It is indulging in actions that lead to self-appreciation spiritually, mentally, and physically and prioritizing your well-being above all. It is also about taking care of your happiness and overall growth. Different people may have different ways of indulging in self-love, provided they figure out what self-love looks like to them.

Still, we arrive at the same question why self-love is so important, and in what ways can one do self-love. Let us dive deeper into these, one by one. 

The Importance Of Self-Love

Now that we read what self-love is, let us focus on its importance to understanding it in a better way. Here are 6 major importance of self-love. The deeper you dive in, the more important you will find it. 

1. It Makes Us Confident And Strong

Self-love is so important that when we make efforts for it, we turn out to be confident and strong. It makes us strong because through self-love we accept ourselves as the way we are. Through self-love, we can see ourselves as someone who is willing to learn and grow. It liberates us from the fear of failing. As a result, we work on ourselves and emerge as someone who is confident and strong. 

2. It Heals Us From The Past Trauma

The best way to deal with past trauma is definitely self-love. No matter how intense the trauma is, when we show compassion and kindness to ourselves, things can get better. Often people who don’t love themselves are unable to move on from the horrible memories from their past. They rather try to find someone who could liberate them from their bitter memories and provide solace. In the long run, they may not find the true essence of happiness and find themselves back to misery.

3. It Enables Us Of Loving Others

A person who is not capable of loving himself/herself, can’t fall in love with someone else. Unless we don’t give ourselves the love we deserve, we can’t find love in someone else. We may jump from one relationship to another in pursuit of true love and end up feeling lonely. This is because when we love ourselves, we open our hearts to others. We become capable of giving love and receiving the same from others. In addition to this, we no longer depend on others to make ourselves feel worthy. We understand ourselves in a better and broader sense. 

4. It Makes Us Happy And Lively

When we criticize ourselves again and again and blame ourselves for things that go wrong, we eventually become sad. We may not feel happy about anything. But when we take care of ourselves, be kind and compassionate towards ourselves, we tend to be happier. Self-love rewards us with satisfaction and enthusiasm which in return makes us happy and lively. The more we love ourselves, the more likely we are to achieve contentment in our lives. 

5. It Improves Our Emotional Health

The best way to know ourselves is surely by practicing self-love. When things don’t go as expected and nothing happens right, we slip into depression and despair. We may feel bad when people around us do not understand us and/or blame us despite our hardships. This is when self-love can still motivate us and keep a check on our emotional health. It can help us in dealing with negativity and take a cue from our past mistakes and move on.

6. It Helps Us Maintain Healthy Relationships

As said above, when we practice self-love we become capable of loving others. This also enables us to maintain a healthy and happy relationship with others. This is because self-love makes us set healthy boundaries which further is important to enjoy a healthy relationship. We understand what we seek in a relationship and so we cut down the unnecessary drama. Due to this, we are likely to date people who are genuine, loving, and caring at heart. 

How To Practice Self-Love

Below are five ways of practicing self-love. Though there are many other ways too, these five are good for us as beginners. 

1. Developing Some Healthy And Positive Habits

One of the ways of practicing self-love is by developing some good habits. This means we can cultivate the habit of writing, reading, cooking, and practicing yoga. Developing new habits that bring out the best in us and make us productive can induce self-love. It also helps us in exploring our creative side and thus appreciating the same. 

2. Being True To Ourselves

Being true to ourselves is one of the best ways of self-love. When we try to be true to ourselves, we tend to be honest and value our desires and opinions. It means trusting our instincts and abilities and being well-aware of our mental and emotional state. 

3. Prioritizing Our Happiness 

Finding the reasons for our happiness and prioritizing them can be another way of self-love. It means ensuring that no one sabotages our happiness and/or makes us feel miserable. At times, we may come across people who may take a dig on us out of jealousy, fake concern, etc. When we listen to such people, we may push ourselves towards agony and gloominess. Thus, we need to give a higher priority to your contentment.  

4. Treating Ourselves In A Better Way

We need to treat ourselves in a better way. Before being self-critic or demotivating ourselves, we need to understand that our soul is important for us. Instead of being harsh towards ourselves, we need to see ourselves as our friends. When we do so, we will surely find ourselves content and satisfied. In fact, we may try to be the best version of ourselves and outshine others.

5. Eliminating Toxic People And Relationships

Allowing toxic people to stay in our lives can be one of the biggest mistakes that we can commit. Toxic people will always treat us in an ill manner causing harm to our mental and emotional well-being. In order to practice self-love, we need to eliminate such people and cut ties with them. Only then, we can focus on our overall development.  

Self-love doesn’t happen in a day. It is a way of living that we need to incorporate into our daily lives. Slowly and gradually, it will make a difference to us thus, doing wonders to us in some unexpected ways.

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