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When I Met The Most Romantic Person

If I were, to tell the truth, there’s a lot of love on my mind these days. I feel loved when a gust of wind blows my hair and kisses my cheeks. Well, there are numerous things that make me feel loved. But have you ever seen love? I have often heard people saying that one cannot see love as it is a feeling. But it was two years back when I witnessed true love.

It was in 2019, when one fine evening, I was with a friend. He and I were returning from shopping. We decided to have dinner at a small eatery. While he was parking the bike, I saw an old man who must be around 70-75 years old. The man was a beggar and I often spotted him at the same place.

He was standing at the same place where I was waiting for my friend. The old man said, “It is Ramazan and I have nothing for ‘Iftar’. Please help me. Allah will bless you.”

I instantly opened my bag just to hand over some money to him. But then my mind asked me to close the bag and give no money. I closed my bag and asked, “Baba, instead of accepting the money, would you like to have dinner with us?”

“Beta I am hungry and I will be happy to eat even your leftover food.”

This shook me and I asked him to follow me towards the eatery. I asked him to come inside but he denied. Puzzled, I asked what’s stopping him from coming inside. He said, “Beta can I take the food to my home and eat there? If possible, can you please ask to pack the food?”

“Sure, why not?”

Meanwhile, my friend was busy on a call near the parking area and he signalled me to place the order.

I went to the counter and asked them to pack a meal. I made sure, they put extra rotis(bread) with the meal. After this, I placed an order for me and my friend.

My friend returned and asked why the old man didn’t come inside to eat with us. I just shrugged my shoulders.

When the meal was packed, I handed it to the old man. After accepting the food packet, the old man said,

“My wife would be waiting for me at home. She can’t work as she is ill. How could I have eaten here without her? She must be hungry too. I am taking this food to share with her. Now, I must head home else she will have to eat the cold food.”

“Baba, if this is what’s stopping you from eating here, then I can pack another meal for your wife, while you can eat with us.”

“No beta. Though I am hungry, I always look forward to eating with my wife. With her even plain and stale food tastes heavenly.”

He kept the food packet very carefully in his worn-out bag and gave me a smile. I could see his eyes shining. He thanked me and gave me blessings. I watched him going down the streets, carefully and steadily. There was happiness on his face.

When I returned back, I narrated everything to my friend. He too seemed to be moved by the gesture of the old man.

The man not only gave me blessings but a moment of realization. I realized the power of true and unconditional love. I couldn’t stop myself from smiling. That night, I prayed for the old couple and asked God to bless them with a healthy and happy life ahead. I don’t know if I was able to satisfy their appetite but I am sure the couple would have shared a moment filled with love and affection.

I don’t know who is the most romantic man in this world. But that day, the old man seemed to be the most romantic person. Though he was covered in rags and his hands were soiled, his concern for his ailing wife reflected his true love for her.

Good looks will surely give you an attractive appearance but a good soul with a loving heart will make you the most beautiful human on the earth. Moreover, when you love someone, you stay happy with whatever you have. You don’t wish for wealth, luxury and a lavish lifestyle. All you wish for is to live happily with the one you love genuinely.

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