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When People Leave For No Legit Reason

Why do we feel sad when someone dear to us goes out of our lives? I am sure many of you have faced a situation wherein people left never to come back. This could be because of a sudden demise, breakup, argument, or, other reasons. Humans often imagine their entire lives with their loved ones in it. Be it their friends, partners, family members, or well-wishers. Humans are so delusional. 

We love a number of people in our entire lifetime. We love our parents, siblings, cousins, extended family members, friends, colleagues, and the list goes on. As humans, we include people in our lives once they make us feel happy and welcomed. This leads to them taking a place in our hearts. But when someone leaves abruptly, the void in our hearts makes things worse. First of all, we don’t understand the reason the person left for. Even if we do, we can’t accept the fact that all those content moments have vanished into the thin air.

When someone dear to us dies, we eventually accept their demise, however long it takes. Because we know, that person is no longer alive and might have attained peace. Somewhere in our hearts, we also know that if he/she was alive, things would have been great. 

There comes a time when we lose a person due to some arguments or a breakup. At that time, our hearts and minds could be full of anger and bitterness. We may think of all horrible things about that person, even if he/she isn’t so. We do so to satisfy our alter ego (that yes, I was right) and help us move on in life. Our alter ego doesn’t allow us to look back to see how the person, we left behind is doing. We, in fact, keep on reminding ourselves, ‘I did the right thing. He/she deserved it.’ 

Later in our lives, we may realize that it was our anger that made us think so. But then it is too late. We can’t fix what we did. This is when we start repenting for our mistakes. We regret and it goes to our death bed. It could be possible that we were right and the other person was wrong. What we don’t realize is a bitter ending to the bond can make us loathe the good times we had. 

But when someone leaves abruptly, after an argument or a disagreement, it causes lifelong damage. The person who leaves may not realize what he/she has done as he/she thinks, ‘I am right’. The one who is left behind keeps running in a maze to find answers to questions, he/she could ask ever. 

You may think that yes I am at peace now but no, you are the coward. You couldn’t respect the time you spent with the person or the promises you made. All you did was show your back and run away. The story doesn’t end here. People often falsely blame the other person, only to justify why they did what they did. They do so to make themselves believe, ‘what I did was right and I must not regret’. 

Trust me, those people are the worst humans you can ever come across. Leaving someone during their worst time is wrong. You may physically leave but you might still impact their lives. This is because emotionally or in some other way, you still continue to be a part of their lives. 

We may remind ourselves that we have to move on as well with our lives. But it takes just a moment to bring back the flood of memories. It is true that not everyone is meant to be in our lives. But there is a way to put an end to things.

If you have known someone for a while, it is important that you end the bond with closure. There is no point in ending a relationship on a cliffhanger. Because you may go on with your life, the other person may keep thinking about you. Not giving closure to the time you had, is the worst thing that you could do to a person who was once dear to you. It also shows your incompetency to face the truth and speak what’s going on in your mind.

We may tell ourselves, ‘let the bygones be bygones’ but then our hearts find it really difficult to trust anybody. It is expensive to trust someone and see them breaking your trust as if it was a china set.


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