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Why Getting Back With Your Ex-Partner Is A Bad Idea

The period after a breakup is hands down one of the most dreadful things. The gloominess and loneliness seem more prominent when you were too emotionally invested and broke up on bad terms. Over time, you may move on and feel better but that doesn’t mean you may not miss your ex-partner. There could be times when you may look back to the times you spent together as a happy couple. Not only this, but you may also think about whether breaking up with your partner was the right decision?

You may later remind yourself about why you broke up in the first place. Let’s be honest, getting back with your ex after a bitter breakup is certainly not a great thing to do. If you still wonder whether you should get back to your ex, then here are some reasons. These reasons will tell why dating back to your ex, can be a big NO NO. 

1. You Broke Up For A Valid Reason

Before texting your ex how badly you want to reconcile, understand that you broke up for a reason. There was a problem between you and your ex and therefore, things didn’t work out. You may have feelings for each other but then accept the fact that you two were incompatible. Not everyone is meant to be together forever, no matter how deeply they loved each other. 

2. A Leopard Never Changes Its Spot

If your ex-partner was toxic & abusive, getting back to him/her is like hitting an axe on your own leg. Just remember the saying, ‘a leopard can never change its spot’. Your ex-partner may send you mushy texts and call you all the time but that doesn’t change the fact. He/she may make a hundred promises but then what if he/she never changes his/her toxic behavior. Going for a patch-up in this case can lead you to the road of heartbreak and dead-end. 

3. It Can Be Emotionally Exhaustive

If you and your ex-partner broke up on bad terms, then patch-up can be emotionally exhausting in this case. Both of you may have some unfinished emotional business and when you get back together, you may invest more emotions. In this case, if things do not work out, you may find yourself emotionally drained. It can also take a toll on your mental health and emotional intelligence. 

4. You Know The Problem In Your Past Relationship

Who on this earth would know the problems in your past relationship better than you? Since you and your ex-partner were together once, you know where the problem was. You know what are the areas where the two of you lack in. When you know this, it is obvious that you are well aware of, if things will work the second time. Instead of being a happy couple, you may try to adjust unwillingly and this can be another damage to you.

5. There Will Be A Lack Of Trust

If you broke up with your partner due to trust issues or any cheating scenario, then patch-up can be deadly. You see, relationships are based on trust and if there’s no trust you may not love each other. Getting into a relationship when there is no trust is like jumping into the sea without knowing how to swim. Make yourself understand that you won’t be able to put your trust into your ex-partner once again. 

6. You May End Up Digging The Old Graves

Think of a situation where you and your ex-partner didn’t end up on good terms and got back together. Now what? You may dig up the old graves and give sarcastic and vague answers. This can lead to the blame game and you may end up feeling emotionally distressed. Instead of trying to make a fresh start, you may yell at each other and speak harsh words. 

7. Moving On Can Be A Better Option

Always remember that clinging back to the past and not moving on can never make you feel better. You broke up with your ex-partner due to some reasons and you cannot undo it. The past is in the past and dragging it to your present may not bring happiness and satisfaction to you. Though moving on may seem extremely difficult to you, it will eventually make you stronger and happier. So it is better to move on and work on self-love.

8. You Deserve Better Than This

You deserve love and happiness. Holding on to your past is something that may stop you from going ahead in your life. Your life didn’t stop after you broke up with your ex-partner then why should you stop being happy? Make yourself feel loved and special. Shower love and care upon yourself. 

There are couples who patch up after breaking up. This is because they know they can make it through. They are compatible and are willing to give their relationship a second chance by putting in equal efforts. If this is not the case with you, then going back to your ex-partner is nothing but suicidal. Let yourself be happy and invest your emotions and time in the right person. 

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